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  belfman 12:15 27 Mar 2008

Do we have any mature students or recently graduated ones that could offer some advice?

I dropped out of a BTEC ND in Computers 7 years ago after completing 1 year and attaining 5 Distinctions and 3 Merits. Don't want to get into the reasons....

After jumping from one monotonous dead end job to another I thought it's about time I did something.

I'm interested in an HNC in Computing p/t or a Foundation Degree in Software Engineering but I've been recommended a "University Access Course" my problem is with my intention of doing a Computer Science degree I cannot fathom how studying Humanitarian subjects will prepare me.

  techie4me 12:27 27 Mar 2008

I've been a mature student twice!
The 1st time was for a totally different subject than the 2nd which was IT.

Argh the "University Access Course" will give you a broad knowledge and help you to learn to study & enable you to do the degree if you want to.
It's like a top up of the education you have had up to date. And it will contain all the subjects you will need to further your education in your desired field.
Check with the college/uni on the exact parts of it as they differ from college to college.

HNC's are sought after qualification if taken with A+, N+ CCNA etc. Quals the IT industry like to see on a CV.
Software Engineering will probably cover programming such as C+ etc (not sure about this as it's not a subject I’m hot on)

Anything extra you can study part time such as ITIL would help also.

Oh and good luck

  belfman 10:06 31 Mar 2008

I've had a response from the FD in Software Engineering and the lanuage used is Java. It also says it will take 2 years and then I can progress to UU to complete a Degree taking another 2 years.

The HNC route will take 5 years to complete, the HNC is at a different College and I've had no response yet.

I think I'll make another appointment with an Adult guidance advisor again when I get a response from them.

If anyone would like to throw in any help would be appreciated...

Thanks again.

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