Editing yer posts

  jack 09:36 24 Aug 2006

Has this been mentioned before?
I guess it may have been.
How often do any of you post a message on this set of forums and when it comes back and you read it- there is a glaring Typo or something written that did not come out the way you intended?
Many other forum have an edit button - to call the offending post back for correction.
Is that a possibility here Ed.,in the next round of mods?

  De Marcus™ 09:43 24 Aug 2006

click here for a recent (last few days) post on this subject.

  dagbladet 09:44 24 Aug 2006

I refer the hon gentleman to the post about five or six threads below entitled 'suggestion'.

  jack 11:53 24 Aug 2006

Strange isn't
Some would say 'Great Minds etc.,'
In scanning the threads ,something subliminal got into the old grizzled greymatter- whats left of it- and did not come to the fore.
All points taken though. No Smileys - Server Load etc..
Preparing a thread in a word program and letting it 'stew' before posting is something I do frequently.
Responses however do tend to be on the 'Fly'

  Pamy 14:03 24 Aug 2006

Usually most members accept spelling mistakes and other errors. Weare only human after all.

  Pamy 14:04 24 Aug 2006

Yes, me more than most

  ezypcy 14:05 24 Aug 2006

Not the greatest advert for a computer advisory
forum,in that one has to go off and prepare their
posts in another application.
I don't do so, and this is the reason why I use
short lines of text - I know how it will appear on
the screen!!!Many forums allow 10 more chars. per
line in the Message box.
Also, I don't do Word and why should I learn it
just for this forum.

One argues that there are thousands of members
which would put strain on the servers but they
don't all take an active part in the forum!
I keep seeing the same 'olde' faces on a daily basis.

I believe the Magazine always tries to keep up with the rest! So why fail it's forum?

  ezypcy 14:06 24 Aug 2006

Edit _ You see I lost control on the last line above....lol

  jack 14:30 24 Aug 2006

Done this one to death doant cha think?

  ezypcy 15:00 24 Aug 2006

Al wight jack you might be very knowledgeable on this
subject but the fact that it is regularly raised
indicates a problem.Especially for new members.
They expect the edit button.

If one searches just this section of the forum for
'editing (your) posts' ,then 17-19 hits are found.

But,we also know that the search facility is also
poor.The search results are useless really.
Expect more expectations in the future unless...!

  wee eddie 16:59 24 Aug 2006

Maybe, just maybe, the lack of an Edit facility causes some people to think before they post.

By the way, I had always assumed that your short lines were because you were trying to compose your threads as Haiku

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