Editing Facilities

  Bing.alau 20:34 23 Jul 2012

Anybody know why I get editing facilities on the beginner's tech forum, but can't get them on this one?

  lotvic 22:34 23 Jul 2012

editing facilities? I can't see any on my posts on Beginners or any other, I thought pca decided on a No for editing?

  Matt Egan 08:33 24 Jul 2012

What do you mean by 'editing facilities' Bing.alau? You shouldn't have them anywhere!

  Bing.alau 09:16 24 Jul 2012

I mean being able to use "Italics" or "Bold" to emphasise the text. Which to me, is a form of editing.

Yesterday, on the "Beginners' Tech" forum the ability to do so was there, but I hadn't been able to use it on this forum.

Incidentally, I have just been on the Beginners' Tech forum again and it has disappeared from there too. Probably something to do with my computer.

  lotvic 10:16 24 Jul 2012

All present and correct on mine, on all forums. (touch wood)

  Nontek 12:31 24 Jul 2012

Ditto lotvic!

  Matt Egan 15:19 24 Jul 2012

Ah. You should be able to use those on every forum. If you can't see them your browser may require a javascript update (or just a restart).

  Kevscar1 15:30 24 Jul 2012

Matt Please allow us to edit our posts. Becaujse of my condition I have a lot of brain problems, wrong words, words spelt the wrong way or woth letters misiing and motor control.

It's humiliating when I ook at how some of my posts have come out even thought Ive checked them

  bremner 15:53 24 Jul 2012

Unfortunately editing would create a nightmare, as continuity of posts would be lost, so please don't consider it.

We can easy accommodate Kevscar with a little patience and understanding.

  morddwyd 20:12 24 Jul 2012

"If you can't see them your browser may require a javascript update (or just a restart)."

Or you may be using some of the accessibility options provided by your browser.

  Aitchbee 20:36 24 Jul 2012

I think, a user-friendly prompt along the lines of..."Please review and edit any unforseen spelling mistakes before hitting the POST button."... might help...'cos we all make silly mistakes...that cause a certain degree of embarrassment after that...' point-of-no-return ' moment of posting.

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