Ed Miliband is the new leader of the labour party.

  Forum Editor 16:55 25 Sep 2010

I think he'll make a pretty good opposition leader.

  WhiteTruckMan 17:07 25 Sep 2010

please form an orderly queue for the exit.


  Forum Editor 17:12 25 Sep 2010

Well who voted for him, if not members of the Labour party?

  carver 17:16 25 Sep 2010

If I have this right wasn't it the block vote from the unions that swung it for him.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:21 25 Sep 2010

'Well who voted for him, if not members of the Labour party'...one has the nagging suspicion that the union vote may have held much more sway than those of the members of the Labour party.


  Forum Editor 17:32 25 Sep 2010

lots of union members are also members of the Labour party.

You need to understand that large numbers of people get more than one vote in these contests, some people get several. Ed Miliband's campaign advisers have said that the union block votes aren't what really count. They would say that the votes of individual party members and members of affiliated organisations are what count - but then so many union members are also party members.

It all comes out in the wash, in any case. Ed has won.

  Big L 266 17:39 25 Sep 2010


Watching a small spider going across my wallpaper is marginally more exciting than watching New Labour elect a 'leader'. I'm not sure which type of spider it is though.

Big L 266

  Forum Editor 17:42 25 Sep 2010

If it's small, and living in your house it's probably one of the jumping spiders - they are fascinating creatures, and pretty scary looking when seen close up and enlarged.

You can find out if you slowly move a finger directly towards the spider. If it suddenly jumps to one side you know what it is.

  Big L 266 17:48 25 Sep 2010


FE....I can't reach up or look up to it lest I 'tease' it with my walking stick. I hope it'll wander off from my view and find a place to dwell preferably near my combi boiler. Its nothing like the huge one in here the other day - it scared me somewhat rigid.I took off the main pipe and sucked this one into the cleaner. Small ones I can deal with. Big ones scare me.

Why are spiders coming indoors earlier this year?I've seen several hovering around my bungalow.I wish I had some conkers though to keep the little blighters out.

Any suggestions?

P.S.Hows the cold?

  WhiteTruckMan 17:48 25 Sep 2010

And a very small number get a very large amount of votes indeed.

My interpretation of democracy is along the lines of one person, one vote.

But then again the labour party has never been big on true democracy. It's last leader seemed to get the job on the nod and the wink after none of the rising stars of the party had the courage to stand.


  Big L 266 17:49 25 Sep 2010



Big L 266

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