Ecuador coup!

  Uboat 20:02 30 Sep 2010

Guys you may not of heard of this at the mo BUT a huge problem is brewing over there! my wife is from Quito and they police have gone on strike completely meaning banks have been raided, shops looted and so on, the army are due in and this is due to the goverment reducing the the wages of the police from $1200 pm too $800
There basicly is NO police! all of them have gone on strike bringing the country to a total standstill..

  morddwyd 20:41 30 Sep 2010

Peru closes its border, and the President is attacked, with all the "signs of a coup".

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  sunnystaines 21:01 30 Sep 2010

looks like Quito should be twinned with dublin and athens they all about to go bust.

  Uboat 21:02 30 Sep 2010

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IMHO i think the salaries of the mp's should be cut! and the basic earners left alone!

  Forum Editor 21:06 30 Sep 2010

when the government passed a law ending bonuses and benefits for public workers.

Ecuador is notorious for its political instability, but this is looking pretty serious.

  Uboat 21:37 30 Sep 2010

FE from a personal look at things as in my wife is from there as stated, she's just come off the phone are correct as in "but this is looking pretty serious"

  sunnystaines 22:37 30 Sep 2010

hope all goes well for your inlaws outhere during these troubled times.

  spuds 23:06 30 Sep 2010

I don't know how it stands now, but quite a number of police officer's in various South America countries moonlighted due to poor wages.

The armed forces will take of the task of security.

Most commercial properties including banks had their own armed security officer's. Quite a number of people carried firearms for self protection. Or at least that is how it was when I spent quite a bit of time in that part of the world.

  Uboat 23:28 30 Sep 2010

sunnystaines Thankyou so much! i'm very Greatfull!

The average wage is $250-$400! so the police was getting paid a far Whack! At $1200-$800 PM but still...
Its very hard to understand the income as in the comparison over here in the UK but the Police was on a good crack!

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