"Ecstasy" too be downgraded.?

  perpetual motion 14:24 07 Feb 2009

Mmm im on the fence on this one, Im also very sure it is worse then this statement is saying..

Here's a fine example of the outcome...

click here

& the story..

click here

  Marko797 14:31 07 Feb 2009

whatever gave u that idea?

A clip from the story reads 'The council is expected next week to recommend that ecstasy is downgraded from class A to the less dangerous class B classification. Ministers have outlined their opposition to such a move.'

Hardly conclusive that it *will be* downgraded, is it, as the post title leads us to believe?

  canarieslover 14:47 07 Feb 2009

Anything can be proven with statistics. If you compare chalk with cheese you can never get a proper comparison. I am not surprised that the professors name is Nutt. That anybody can take notice of a conclusion like that is beyond belief.

  perpetual motion 15:01 07 Feb 2009


"The council is expected next week to recommend that ecstasy is downgraded from class A to the less dangerous class B"

I see your point but its getting pushed to be downgraded which is terrible

  User-1229748 15:44 07 Feb 2009

there's no way that ecstasy should be a class a drug

  AL47 18:44 07 Feb 2009

if i wanted drugs it wouldnt bother me what class they are it would just cost me more to get them

  AL47 19:14 07 Feb 2009

yeah, just cause something gets downgraded doesnt mean im going to go,

'well thats ok then, ill have some of that'

ive never felt the need for rec drugs, maybe the sport part of me

  bremner 21:42 07 Feb 2009

I do not know what experience you have of dealing first hand with drug takers / dealers and the families of drug takers or the victims of drug takers but from your postings so far it appears you have absolutely none.

  User-1229748 23:03 07 Feb 2009

to be fair the chances of dealing with a victim of ecstasy or cannabis users is pretty remote.

  Forum Editor 23:21 07 Feb 2009

talked about drugs. Some people pretend that there's absolutely nothing wrong with indulging in a little recreational drug use - everyone's doing it, they say, and lots of people hold down really responsible jobs.

Ecstasy is neurotoxic in animals, and probably is in humans, although the jury is still out on that - research continues. Damage caused to serotonin nerve terminals by 4 days exposure to Ecstasy in primates can still be detected seven years later. In humans frequent use of Ecstasy causes confusion, depression, sleep problems, drug craving, and severe anxiety. Those who take it regularly perform poorly at some types of cognitive tasks.

There are lots of unanswered questions, and although there's no conclusive proof that Ecstasy causes permanent changes to personality and mental abilities there's enough doubt about it to convince many experts to recommend that it isn't reclassified any time soon.

  mrwoowoo 00:05 08 Feb 2009

"Alcohol kills around 8,000 people a year in this country; ecstasy less than 100"
A fair comment except that i imagine a hell of a lot more people indulge in alcohol than do ecstasy.
Therefore perhaps a larger percentage of ecstasy users are killed by it's use compared with alcohol.Only a thought.No evidence to back up my theory.

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