Economies in the NHS

  BT 08:40 13 Oct 2011

I know times are hard but the following entry in the Information section of the local NHS Trust newsletter made me smile.

"Travel Office - for Parking permits. ID Badges, keys to the cycle sheds, use of Pool cars, and the Trust bicycle."

  wiz-king 08:51 13 Oct 2011

Bicycle! Why not a unicycle and reduce expenditure by 50%.?

  interzone55 11:09 13 Oct 2011


And what's wrong with this?

It seems eminently sensible to me that if you have a large site and want to move around it quickly you use a bicycle instead of a car.

The Royal Mail have brought back bicycles in a number of areas because it's much more efficient, and quicker, than driving round villages, and I've even seen police on bikes...

  BT 18:04 13 Oct 2011


Just struck me as amusing at the time.

Can't really see one bicycle being much of an asset. Probably quicker to go directly rather than to the Travel Office and have to wait for the bicycle to be returned by one of the several hundred other potential users.

  Aitchbee 19:37 01 Nov 2011

My friend is a nurse in Glasgow.She works shifts.7am to 3pm. or 2pm to 10pm. If she was able to stay overnight at the hospital, after a late shift, and starting a 7am shift without any travelling, that would be beneficial to everyone. Am I being too naive? The stay over at the hospital could be financed by the nurses doing an extra hour of work.

  Condom 23:56 01 Nov 2011

In Denmark some of the large hospitals have underground passageways linking buildings which also house service ducts and the like. At every lift station there were parked bicycles available to use and they were very useful in speeding people around. Mind you in this country someone would probably steal them.

The strangest thing I have ever seen was in a large & quite famous plastic sugery hospital in Bangkok where staff used roller blades to deliver records and the like between departments and it certainly was an eye opener but appeared to work well.

  BT 09:36 02 Nov 2011

After a recent appointment at the Eye Clinic I handed in the form the Consultant gave me for another appointment in 6 months. I was given a form that said they don't make appointments more than 6 weeks in advance, and for me to phone them in February for an appointment, but if I don't phone them they will call me to sort out an appointment. So what's the point of handing out these bits of paper, it seems an unnecessary expense.

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