Economics of the madhouse

  hssutton 11:04 14 Mar 2014

Economics of the madhouse, or maybe you agree.

My wife and I are in the mid to late seventies and are the sole carers of our severely disabled daughter who is in receipt of direct payments, an element of which is for an holiday.

I have a friend who is an airline pilot who can get us concessionary airline ticket to visit relatives in Oz (Business class for around £1000):).

We my daughters social if we could use the holiday element of my daughters direct payments to pay for her ticket so we could all go to Oz for a approx 1 month, how long we would stay in Oz would depend on passenger availability.

At the moment the answer is a resounding no, but they will pay £6000+ for my daughter to go into respite care.

What are your thoughts?

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:52 14 Mar 2014

My thoughts are that the staff, you are dealing with, are bound by inflexible rules, imposed by government and just cannot be flexible.

  bumpkin 12:24 14 Mar 2014

I would imagine that you are spot on Mr M.

  fourm member 13:08 14 Mar 2014

Is it really to do with economics?

You don't say but could it be that there is concern about the possibility of your daughter having a medical emergency either on the journey or while in Australia?

Is there a 'jobsworth' angle with concern about what trouble the staff could get into if something goes wrong?

  lotvic 14:13 14 Mar 2014

As I understand it, Direct Payments are to be used to purchase care - pay a Carer wages or respite costs, in lieu of services that would normally be provided by Social Services. So the Holiday Element would be to buy/pay for Care whilst on holiday. I don't see how the purchase of an airline ticket fits into that criteria.

  hssutton 14:24 14 Mar 2014

FM. There's no concern regarding a medical emergency, my daughter is in excellent health, but wheelchair bound, also insurance is not a problem. Obviously there is a great deal of info I could have posted. As an example we were told my daughter can use funds from her direct payments for an holiday abroad, but not to go with family members was the original statement from social services. I guess this where Mr Mistoffelees is correct.

For the last 6-7 years we have been told different stories, resulting in us not having an holiday for the last 7 years, as we will not put my daughter into respite care. The time will come when we have no choice, but until then my daughter will live and be cared for by my wife and I.

Story 1. 2008. cannot use the money to go with family members.

Story 2. 2010. yes you can use the money if you take a carer with you, increases cost almost 4 fold and who would want a total stranger on holiday with them, The carer would be paid to have an holiday, as my wife and I would be doing most of the caring.

Story 3. 2012. a total contradiction of story 1. We can take my daughter on a family holiday abroad if other family members do not live with us. (We have two sons.)

Story 4. 2014. No we cannot use the money, the fact that we would be visiting close relatives somehow does not count on this occasion.

  spuds 15:33 14 Mar 2014

I would suggest that you take any issues up with your local Member of Parliament, because he/she might be able to provide direct and correct information for situations like this?.

  hssutton 18:31 14 Mar 2014


The purchase of an air ticket is to take my daughter away on holiday.

SpudsYes you may be right

  bumpkin 18:38 14 Mar 2014

mssutton, please don't take this the wrong way but mid to late 70's just go anyway and enjoy yourselves whats a grand in the whole equation of life.

  john bunyan 19:00 14 Mar 2014


This sounds a typical "jobsworth" approach. You and your wife are saints to care so well for your lovely daughter, and someone at the top should show flexibility. I hope you succeed, and the MP mat be worth a try.

  Forum Editor 19:04 14 Mar 2014

If your daughter receives direct payments for respite care you are allowed to save this up to pay for a family holiday. Where you take the holiday is irrelevant.

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