Economic downturn - what economic downturn?

  Forum Editor 22:29 16 Sep 2008
  Stuartli 22:31 16 Sep 2008

More money than sense?

  Marko797 22:34 16 Sep 2008

saw something last night on the news...disgusting really

  Kev.Ifty 00:04 17 Sep 2008

click here
I cant help thinking that working people, like you and I, are suffering because the Wealthy are more concerned about the price of their Girl Friend's shoes than anythimg else.

  charmingman 00:23 17 Sep 2008

Yeah intresting thread FE, Its these kinda people that have serious amounts of ££'s & spending it on "Art" as i belive this is called need a reality check, if it was a famous painting then it is a classic piece but although the artist in question has made some art i doubt i could class this as..

  mrwoowoo 00:25 17 Sep 2008

A pickled animal is not a work of art to my mind.
Now,i wonder if Damien can sell this pickled egg for me if i put it in a nice jar.

  Condom 00:59 17 Sep 2008

Now I wonder if it was Lehman Brothers who have been lending these silly people money to buy these paintings. What if these art treasures go the same way as the housing market?

  Quickbeam 07:51 17 Sep 2008

certainly a very different conversation piece to put you off dinner at friends...

  interzone55 08:47 17 Sep 2008

Most people have differing views on what is "art".

Personally I wouldn't want one of Damian Hirst's pieces cluttering my house, but conceptually they are very interesting and thought provoking, although I wonder whether the new owners put any thought into their new works, or just put them in a warehouse and hope they increase in value.

One of the most interesting "modern art" is created by Jake & Dinos Chapman. Their exhibition of Adolf Hitler's paintings vandalised with hippy motifs was very clever, and the large installation F*****g Hell, a series of cases containing realistic battle scenes made of toy soldiers and childrens' figures is shocking, but necessary in these times where violence is glorified in all media...

  laurie53 08:56 17 Sep 2008

Don't knock it.

VAT is payable!

So are Capital Gains and the auctioneer's business taxes.

  lofty29 09:35 17 Sep 2008

Most of the people who pay these sort of prices, are buying as they see it investments rather than "ART"

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