EC president's arrogance

  mark2 18:47 01 Dec 2008

"I know that the majority in Britain are still opposed, but there is a period of consideration under way and the people who matter in Britain are currently thinking about it," he said.

Who has he been talking to? Does he think a majority of the british electorate don't matter? Does he think there is a way forcing us to join the euro ?

  24/7 19:04 01 Dec 2008

Mark2 try to add a Url if poss its just so other members can read about it..

click here

  mark2 19:07 01 Dec 2008

knew there was something I'd missed

  Quickbeam 19:09 01 Dec 2008

What, after we've just spent how much redesigning and minting new coins of our own...?

  peter99co 19:47 01 Dec 2008

Lord Mandelson said at the weekend that "our aim" should be to join the euro.

  laurie53 20:04 01 Dec 2008

There is absolutely no chance of Britain joining the euro.

Our politicians know that if we did people would be able to easily compare our prices with the the rest of the EU, and might start asking why ours are so much higher!

  Bingalau 20:05 01 Dec 2008

I've always been for joining the Euro currency, but I can't ever remember being asked for an opinion, by my MP or any other MP for that matter. It just doesn't make sense to me to be half in or half out of a system. We should either get all the way in and become Europeans or opt out altogether. I suppose too many people in hight places would lose out financially if we did change to the Euro. I'm still smarting from losing 140 pence in every pound I owned, when we changed to decimal...

  Coffee Adict 20:35 01 Dec 2008

I agree entirely with you Bingalau, if we want to have more 'clout' in Europe and the decisions made there, perhaps we should show a little more commitment, we must think ahead not how we want it to be now, but what it will be like for say WTMs newest grandchild in twenty years time, who in all probability will see Europe as the place to find employment.

  jellyhead 23:08 01 Dec 2008

Maybe those in the know and power are waiting for the £ to collapse some more, £1=1Euro would mean an easy changeover, or I most probably have it completely wrong.

  lofty29 08:28 02 Dec 2008

Just the same as most of our"lords and masters" who do not think that we should have any say or opinions, but just occasionally they get bit up the bum.

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