Ebooks - Are they going to be big sellers?

  Pesala 12:46 19 Dec 2004

I just came across my first Ebook, posted by someone on the Serif Forum: click here

This is a 200K zip attachment containing an executable. The executable (completely harmless) is a simple demo Ebook that the poster made, and suggested should be supported by Serif Page Plus.

I know about PDF Ebooks, but they need Adobe Reader to open them. Are Ebooks a neat way to present information, or a potential security risk that will never take off - what do you think?

  Forum Editor 12:51 19 Dec 2004

is that if Ebooks were going to be the next big thing it would have happened by now - the idea has been around for ages.

  Dan the Confused 21:48 19 Dec 2004

I've always intended to have a look at ebooks but never got round to it until I read your post. I looked at your download which prompted me into having a Google for more info. Most ebooks appear to be pdf files, but I don't have access to Adobe ebook reader as this is part of Acrobat Reader 6 which I can't use (Win98). It used to be a separate app but don't think it's available for download anymore.

There are other viewers and formats available so I downloaded MS Reader along with the text-to-speech add-on, and a copy of Poe's 'The Raven'. I think it's a pretty good idea and imagine the speech function would be useful to the visually impaired (although a lot of room for improvement).

There are executable ebooks too as you have shown, but are familiar titles available in this format? I'm also reluctant to pay as if I were to part with cash it would be to buy a real book even though I would be paying more (I like books).

As to whether it will take off or not no idea (as FE says, they've been around for ages), but I will probably be downloading more free ebooks in future. There doesn't appear to be masses of choice, but enough to be of interest.

  Pesala 22:08 19 Dec 2004

click here The program looks a bit expensive to me for what it does. Perhaps that is why someone suggested that Serif might like to include an export feature in their software.

Probably there are other solutions that do similar things.

  Pesala 22:11 19 Dec 2004

Wink click here is a freeware product that can put together stand-alone exe files:

Export your presentations as Macromedia Flash, Standalone EXE, PDF, PostScript, HTML or any of the above image formats. Use Flash/html for the web, EXE for distributing to PC users and PDF for printable manuals.

  Belatucadrus 23:51 19 Dec 2004

I downloaded a few free ones from Amazon.com, I never finished any of them, trying to read a book in PDF format is a ghastly experience. I even tried the read out loud feature in Adobe reader, but the mangled gargling noise that 'Microsoft Sam' produces is barely intelligible and extremely irritating. I'm no techno Luddite, but where books are concerned paper rules !

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