Ebay "You've just been outbid"

  Autoschediastic 10:39 29 Jul 2009

My mate is after a tatty pair of shoes & can you belive it he dont have any! myself personaly id buy new but he dont have a pc & dont understand them so he has just been looking for a used pair with me on ebay, They are for going in the sea so thats why he's not bothered about buying a used pair!

He's of on holiday in the next week (In the UK) & wants them for Shrimping on the beach! so theyl be no good in a weeks time!

We've just found a pair on Ebay & there ready for the bin TBH there in a right old state with scratches scuffs & they have stated the right foot was a display model in the shop they bought it from so the shoes are two differant colours.? BUT they are his size & there also very ugly tatty looking, but theyl do the job! So i put a bid on them cause he dont have a Ebay account & please bare in mind there throwaways! No one has bid & they end today & the seller has a 99P starting bid so ive bid on them & i just cant accept that anyone else would outbid me 5 times! the price of them is now £10.??? i refuse to bid anymore casue to me it looks like Ebay is somehow pushing the prices up.? Ive also noticed the bidders are !anonymous!

Has anyone else come accross this Also can this be fixed or is it sheer coincedence.?

  Autoschediastic 10:41 29 Jul 2009

Sorry bout the spelling misstakes i was rushing..

  norman47 10:54 29 Jul 2009

The seller or his *friends* will have 2 or 3 different accounts. Every time you place a bid they will trump it to get you to go higher.

When you pull out you may get an email saying the winner has pulled out, do you want them for your last bid.

Big con in my view but people do sell and buy some good bargains.

  dagbladet 10:55 29 Jul 2009

If someone has put in a bid of say £10, their bid will automatically increase in increments(sp?)each time you bid.

Back to the shoe issue, are there not any charity shops in your town. There's about 5 or 6 in my local high street. You can get new shoes out of the bargin bin of budget shoe stores for about a fiver.

  Si_L 10:59 29 Jul 2009

If the bidding starts at 99p, a person is able to put a maxium bid to whatever they like, say £15, and the winning bid would stay at 99p.

Are you sure there were no bids on it beforehand? Just because it was still at 99p doesn't mean there were no bids. Its odd that a pair of grubby shoes is fetching over a tenner but Ebay is an odd place sometimes.

  donki 11:09 29 Jul 2009

It could be many things, seller getting friends to bid or someone just loves the shoes. You will see many items going for alot more on Ebay than they would say on Amazon, I think people get excited by the whole bidding thing and may get carried away. I sold an old digi camera with a dock for £120 last month. The camera was worth about £40 and the dock is still available online for $40.

I very much doubt that Ebay is bumping the price up, the annonimous biddign is set by the seller it is to stop rival bidders contacting each other.

  lofty29 12:04 29 Jul 2009

I cannot understand anyone bidding on ebay, or anywhere else for that matter, for a pair of tatty shoes, bare in mind there would be postage to pay, when you can walk into many cheap shops and pick up pair for a few quid, got a pair for gardening in locally £3.99. have been going for several years, yes there is a lot of dodgy bidding on ebay, they try to stop it but some goes on, and like donki have noticed how daft some people get when bidding and end up paying much more than they could have got things for brand new.

  tullie 12:08 29 Jul 2009

Cant understand this,never mind any health issues.Why not just buy a cheap pair from your local market.

  dagnammit 12:16 29 Jul 2009

Even Tesco do a pair of trainers for a fiver.

  spuds 12:20 29 Jul 2009

Have you or your friend never heard about Asda and the George outlet. Nice pair of brand new trainers for a fiver yesterday and most days.

Regarding the out-bidding, this is nothing new, and sometimes you can see a clear pattern as to who and how the bids are being done.

Perhaps not in the same vane, but I noticed bidding for a Petula Clark cd recently, that had reached over £2000.00. The give away was 4 people (schoolkids!) bidding against each other rather rapidly. I only hope the seller took 'legal contract' action, as part of the sale after the auction :O)

Watch out for the 'Second Chance' offer, because the seller might have a second pair of tatty shoes, or the winning bidder had pulled out of the deal!.

  Kevscar1 18:39 29 Jul 2009

It happens a lot people with multiple accounts bidding on their own stuff to put the price up.
No doubt you will get an e-mail afterwards saying buyer pulled out and offering them to you.
You should always refuse because then he has to pay the fee so loses out. It,s the only way to make them pay for trying to con you.

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