Ebay seller and LloydsTSB

  pj123 18:03 18 May 2006

Just looking on Ebay and saw something I would have quite liked to have bid for.

Reading the payment conditions it said.

Will not accept cheques from LloydsTSB but all others OK.

I emailed the seller to ask what LloydsTSB had done to upset him/her but have not had any response yet.

Anyone else had a problem with LloydsTSB?

  Jackcoms 18:19 18 May 2006

He might have had an unfortunate experience (bounced cheque for example) with a customer of Lloyds TSB - but that's the customer at fault, not the bank.

There's absolutely no reason to 'blacklist' a bank just because they might have some less than honest customers. All banks have some less than honest customers. ;-(

  pj123 12:05 19 May 2006

Have had not response from the seller but as the auction has now ended probably no point.

Just wondered what Lloyds had done to upset him/her.


  007al 12:08 19 May 2006

Ive had instant bank transfer payments that took 9 days.This was not Lloyds but it may be for that reason.

  Stuartli 21:34 20 May 2006

I'm with LloydsTSB and the Halifax - both prove equally capable of providing the various services I use them for throughout the year.

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