ebay scam?

  007al 18:45 04 May 2006

One of the laptop descriptions says it was an unwanted present from an uncle.No option to collect as hes under witness protection and doesnt give out his address!!
click here
I could be wrong....but....

  SG Atlantis® 18:50 04 May 2006

I think you'll end up with "pattypoo" in your face if you part with any money on these auctions!

  Totally-braindead 18:56 04 May 2006

The four items you can see in the feedback are all clothes, the items they are selling now are 8 rather high end computers and some baby books. The computers all appear to be one day listings which makes me wonder. May be genuine but they would get more money for the computers in a longer listing time. I wouldn't buy them but I'm suspicious.

  amonra 19:40 04 May 2006

The words pole and barge spring to mind ?

  007al 19:57 04 May 2006

I shouldnt laugh,but it gets worse.The bids are going up by the same bidder with ID kept private!
Im hoping its someone who noticed the scam and not the seller using another ID to make it look like the bids are going up.

  Totally-braindead 20:14 04 May 2006

Yep they are all the same, bidders identity kept private.

  Charence 21:38 04 May 2006

Despite the issues you've raised, I'm not entirely sure that this is a scam....

My reason? The seller is using the Escrow payment service (click here) which is meant to protect the buyer. Escrow acts like a middleman in a transaction, the buyer first pays Escrow which lets the seller know the user has paid, the seller then sends the item to the buyer who after inspecting the item can choose to either accept/reject the item. If its rejected, the seller doesn't receive the money. Also, the buyer can't scam the seller because Escrow already has received the money so once the item's accepted, the seller is paid.

  Charence 21:40 04 May 2006

btw, I noticed the seller's preferred payment service in their first item click here it doesn't seem to be mentioned in the other items.

  watchful 21:46 04 May 2006

four items in the feedback list are items bought by this seller.

  Snec 22:40 04 May 2006

I'm a long-time eBay seller and also spend a bit of time on the eBay help forums.

This, to me, smacks of a highjacked account, but I could be wrong.

The vast majority of one day auctions are scams in any event. To be on the safe side they are best avoided.

  SANTOS7 00:10 05 May 2006

I have just watched this seller to "bidding closed"
and i have to say as an ebayer that it was the biggest crock i have ever seen.
just a couple of clues to finish with,
"method of payment" direct to bank account
No collection due to bad experience and get this "witness protection prog"
claims to be a poor student but selling various top of range equipment.
Not one proper photo of any of the items.
claims to be new ebayer, but has feedback going back a year.
claims to be poor student but has £2,600 delivery insurance.
all links to items gone instantly auction had stopped..
read into this what you will.

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