Ebay query

  gartoye 19:55 19 Jan 2008

Hi all

Just had an ebay invoice saying balance -£30 no paymnet due.

I think this is because I accidetally paid an invoice twice last year.

Does this mean I can just buy some stuff e.g some second hand CD's to this anmount & ebay will pay?

Bit confused as I normally use Paypal & not sure what to do.

Did browse the ebay helpboards but unable to find any answers.



  FungusBoggieman 20:03 19 Jan 2008

no it just means your in credit with ebay.
which means if you are in credit you wont pay any fees till your credit is gone.
ebay wont pay for any items that you buy

  gartoye 20:09 19 Jan 2008

Cripes I havent used ebay for ages!

Cheers FungusBoggieman, at least I know.

Lesson learned.

  Ex plorer 22:20 19 Jan 2008

Hi I have this on my statement, after selling items over a year ago and I haven't sold since.
When I got my last statement which was today it reads -£9 no payment due.
The £9 was a charge which I paid over a year ago.
As far as I know its just a reminder to let me know and to keep records of my transactions.
I am not sure if you are actually in credit?
If your owed amount was £30 and you paid it twice there would be £60 on the statement.
You need to recap and try to remember what you owed.
How did you pay twice.

  gartoye 09:30 20 Jan 2008

Hi Explorer

As per FungusBoggieman's response if you have -£9 then you are £9 in credit, YOU might want to recap & try to remember what YOU owed.

Just so long as I'm not in the doghouse with them I'm not bothered, my -£30 will sit there as a credit. Going to be selling quite a bit soon so that credit will go in the next quarter anyway.


  Ex plorer 12:35 20 Jan 2008

Seems strange I was billed for £9 after selling items and I remember it well, and £9 was paid.

So if I am £9 in credit I don't really understand why. Only sold the once I am a buyer and buy daily.

Using capitals with the word YOU is shouting and impolite, I was only trying to be helpful and give my example of trading with eBay on a sale.

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