Ebay makes me mad

  Si_L 18:57 08 Jul 2007

I'm sure a lot of posts have been left on here about Ebay, but I'm really mad at them right now and have to vent my frustration.

I bought an item of a seller, paid, and it never arrived, so I left bad feedback. Got a refund, then an unpaid item strike for that transaction.
I rang the bloke up and he said he put a strike on there because I ruined his 100% feedback, and he won't take it off unless I remove the feedback.

I can go through Ebay to get the strike taken off, but I got a very abusive call from him, he ended the conversation with: "Listen, I can get it taken off by paying £25 but its much easier to just get you to do it, and I will remove your strike"

Am I the only one who didn't know you can pay to get bad feedback removed?! That is disgusting that Ebay would create a system that allows this! With enough money, a bad seller can just wipe their slate clean. With a scam of £500, paying £25 is nothing if it means the next guy will put his trust in you.

So many infuriating things have happened on Ebay to me, I'm gonna hang up my mouse and call it a day on there.

  interzone55 19:38 08 Jul 2007

I would never, ever buy anything from Ebay, it's basically a massive car boot sale.

Yes there are many honest sellers on Ebay, but there are honest people at car boots sales, along with all the people selling dodgy DVDs and smuggled cigarettes.

  Si_L 19:43 08 Jul 2007

Well summed up. I think the 'dodgy' sellers only make up a very small minority, Ebay need to be clamping down on them, not giving them the tools to go about their dodgy trade.

  Al94 19:57 08 Jul 2007

Not well summed up! Works well for many including myself - never has a problem in 130 transactions! You need to be carefulln read feedback and item descriptions carefully. Yes, you could get caught out but a bit of common sense will limit the risk.

  Legolas 20:04 08 Jul 2007

I have used ebay often and never been ripped off yet. I try only to buy from the UK which of course doesn't mean I can't be ripped off but in general I find ebay OK

  do-gull 20:14 08 Jul 2007

You can get ripped off anywhere.e-bay is just a place to buy stuff at great prices and also get stuff you cannot get hold of anywhere else.
I sell and buy on e-bay and have done so for over two years, I have had the odd bit of bother but the positives far out-way the negatives.

Plus it is fun.


  Totally-braindead 20:18 08 Jul 2007

I use Ebay quite a bit too, have had a couple of problems but nothing major and the money I have saved more than makes up for any hassle.

  Forum Editor 20:31 08 Jul 2007

but only to buy - I've never sold anything that way.

I am currently awaiting delivery of a camera, and have every reason to believe that it will arrive on time, and in excellent condition. I think that buying goods this way is exactly the same as buying via mail-order, as long as you exercise a bit of commonsense you should be fine.

  laurie53 20:44 08 Jul 2007

I've had no problems so far, but I suppose there has to be a first time!

I always give a great deal of credence to feedback, and it's a bit worrying if it can be doctored to remove negatives.


  Si_L 21:17 08 Jul 2007

I always use common sense on Ebay but I still get caught out. The guy who I'm having trouble with is a UK seller with 100% feedback (now 98.7 because of my negative), how more cautious could I have been?

  Starfox 21:39 08 Jul 2007

I agree with you in some aspects Si_L, I have had many successful transactions on e-bay but recently it has been, as far as I am concerned, full of scammers and basically e-bay don't want to know.

For my last transaction on e-bay I sold a set of alloy wheels marked up as *Used but good condition, four stud hole fixing for all small to medium FORD cars*. Fellow bought them at buy it now price and I got confirmation he had received them, next thing I get bad feedback *because they would not fit his Vauxhall Vectra* and I had miss-sold them. E-bay are not really interested.

The bad feedback does not bother me too much, I can get over that, it's the downright dishonesty that gets me.

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