eBay Foolishness

  €dstowe 09:00 20 Nov 2006

One of my staff has just told me of his wife's eBay experience over the weekend.

She has been selling on eBay for a long time and has items for sale at a fixed buy-it-now price but also offers them for auction in case they don't reach the buy-it-now price.

She sold an item yesterday which went on eBay at an auction starting price of £5 or buy-it-now at £35. There was frantic auction bidding at the last minute which resulted in her selling the item at £47.50 - £12.50 above what they could have bought it for without the auction hassle.

Daft or what?

  lisa02 09:05 20 Nov 2006


The fools get carried away with themselves.

  g0slp 09:30 20 Nov 2006

That's not uncommon. Auction fever. lisa02 sums it up well.

Mind you, some auctions remove the "Buy it Now" option once a 'normal' bid has been placed.

  Pamy 10:19 20 Nov 2006

Once a bid is made the "buy it now " is no longer available to the buyers/bidders

  €dstowe 10:39 20 Nov 2006

Update on this.

What you said about the buy-it-now is quite correct. There were no bids right up until the last few minutes so things all happened in the spur of the moment. Nevertheless, the person making the high bid could have got the item for less than he bid which, we've just heard, is what he's trying to do.

The winner of the auction is saying (effectively) that he was cheated into paying the higher price and is insisting that he gets the item for the buy-it-now price.

  Aargh 11:38 20 Nov 2006

Auction fever!?

Saturday night - charity auction, bid £100 for a signed Norwich City shirt.

Sunday morning - lost 3-1 to Ipswich.

Monday morning - want to wash car using Norwich City shirt!

  Pamy 11:49 20 Nov 2006

€dstowe, the winner did not have to bid for it if he thought it was too much. No matter how quickly the bidding goes. He could have put in a bid at the "buy now" price, but probably would not have won it.

  €dstowe 13:24 20 Nov 2006

Exactly. I think the winner is taking a liberty.

I'll post on further developments.

  spuds 13:45 20 Nov 2006

This aggressive bidding is becoming a regular event. I was watching three items over the weekend, and each item was won on a bid won price far in excess of the seller's other buy-it-now auctions for a similar item.Whenever I see two or more low feedback members bidding against each other rather aggressively, I tend to think that something is not quite correct.

Another thing that have noticed more recently, is the possibility of what appears to be 'sniping' within eBay. In the early hours of this morning, I was very keen on an item. Nobody had made any bids on this 3 day auction, so I placed a bid within one minute of close of auction. Up to twenty seconds of closure, I was the only bidder with in all possibilities of securing the item at my price. About eight seconds before closure of bidding (to late for me to re-bid), I was pipped at the post by a bid a few pence more than mine. Perhaps I have a suspicious nature, but this as happened twice within the past two weeks, Never had this problem before.Checking on the winner's feedback, eBay ID, always seems to suggest new account holders!.

Writing this, I have just noticed that the PCA side advertisement is suggesting an eBay Sniping software via click here Perhaps I should enroll for this software, then I may have a chance in the early hours of the morning!.

  Pamy 14:24 20 Nov 2006

If you realy want an item, just put in an overpriced bid, you will only pay the next highest price , not your high bid

  spuds 14:51 20 Nov 2006

Not sure if you are responding to my thread. I realise that a higher bid can be placed, and possibly my "to late for me to re-bid", may have caused slight confusion. I was just trying to point out the possibility of last minute sniping of a suspect nature. Perhaps my suspicions are totally unfounded!.

Would also suggest that 'Buy Now' can apply to more than one 'same' item in the same auction.The seller could have more than one item available, which is noted in auction listing.

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