eBay fees :(

  Pooke100 18:53 05 May 2005

I only started selling stuff for the first time and noticed eBay's making a fortune!

Listed 5 items and it came to £3.90 once they sold it shot upto £7.98, something called "final value fees". The cherry on the cake was being paid via paypal, and they charge me £1.39 for recieving £35!

Bloody eck, this has put me off making the effort, I dare say I'll be charged again if I try and withdraw the money from paypal.


Appologies, but I just wanted to have a moan!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:56 05 May 2005

Paypal make their fees very clear. was there something in their terms that you did not understand? Paypal is a quick, reasonably secure and convenient way of being paid, surely £1.39 is not too much to ask?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:58 05 May 2005

ps...Paypal is a commercial enterprise and not a charity. 3% is not a lot by anyone's standards.


  Pooke100 19:04 05 May 2005

I suppose it's not that much really, but then again it all adds up. I completely understood the terms, but hey I can have a moan can't I? There still making a fortune!

If you add all the separate charges up it's more than 3% respectively...

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:06 05 May 2005

Like the Wiz says, the information about fees is all there for you to read before you start using eBay's services.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:11 05 May 2005

OK it is 4%. If you ran a business that only made 4% gross you would soon be in trouble. hardly a fortune in the making.


  Forum Editor 19:36 05 May 2005

there's nothing wrong with a company "making a fortune" is there? That's the whole idea behind running a commercial enterprise, nobody starts a company saying "I hope my business doesn't make a lot of money, I don't want my customers to get the wrong idea".

Ebay and Paypal provide a service which is used by millions of people every day. Both businesses have been extremely successful, and they deserve to be; the people who started them worked all hours, and weekends as well, trying to get established.

  Pooke100 21:26 05 May 2005

"there's nothing wrong with a company "making a fortune" is there?"

Absolutely not of course there's nothing wrong with business making money, that's the point of a business. But of a grand total of £80 I paid over £12 between eBay/paypal in fees that's at least 15% which I think is a bit too much. Indeed I'll not bother with eBay again, to sell anyway.

I'll bow out here as I don't like the condescending manor of the replies.

  ajm 21:51 05 May 2005

I know the thread has been closed. However, you can lower your fees by not using some features of Ebay:
1)Bold and Undeline your Auctions
2)Host the pictures on your webspace or free web spaces, rather than hosting the pictures with Ebay hosting services
3)Charge reasonable for postage and carriage. Take into account your costs for packaging materials
4)You can always ask people to pay by cheque or postal orders or bank transfers rather than Paypal. However your items may not reach the amount if you did take Paypal transactions
There are a few others, but the above have a significant savings % wise

  leo49 02:03 10 May 2005

You and know one else chose the 'starting price' for your 5 items - didn't you read the relevant sliding sale of costs? - hence your initial £3.90 costs.

I listed 20 items on Sunday evening for the princlely sum of 20p each.

Did you not also read the 'final value'costs involved?

Ebay are providing a showcase for your goods to millions of people for less than the cost of an ad in your local paper.

Paypal also provide a very valuable service in allowing punters to pay via credit/debit card and bank transfer - thus expanding your potential customer base in this credit-driven society of ours.They also make it easy for buyers from abroad by effecting the currency conversion and invoicing them in their own currency.I've sold hundreds of items to nearly every country in Europe over the last 18 months - which I wouldn't have done without the Paypal means of being paid. The pittance they charge for their services is money well spent.

If you don't understand the simple economics of selling then it's just as well you've retired from Ebay.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:01 10 May 2005

nail+head. It is cheap for viewing by millions rather than a couple of hundred in the free newpapers. TINsTAAFL.


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