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  pj123 16:34 20 Jul 2006

Can someone explain how this works?

My partner has 135 positive feedback record but when you look at the list it says

"All positive feedback received 146"

What happened to the other 11?

I just checked a sellers feedback that I have bought from and it says

532 positive feedback but again "all positive feedback received is 577, a 45 difference.

Am I reading this right?

  €dstowe 16:45 20 Jul 2006

Apparently it is only the first purchase by a person that counts in the feedback score so if you buy a second or third time, the feedback goes on the "all feedback received" list and not on the score list.

Hope that's clear - it's just been explained to me by a keen eBay user.

  pj123 17:28 20 Jul 2006

Thanks, €dstowe. About as clear as my fish pond (the filter has just packed up).

So, what your "keen eBay user" is saying:

If I buy three items from him/her at different times and then get feedback posted for each item only one will show up as genuine feedback? The other two will be "virtual" feedback?

  SG Atlantis® 17:56 20 Jul 2006

Two totals:

Feedback score = 1

Total feedback recieved = 3

All 3 feedbacks have been left by the same person for 3 separate transactions. Only the first one gets added to the feedback score but they all get added to "total feedback recieved".

In plain, feedback score is the number of DIFFERENT people that have left feedback, they can't be counted twice. If they leave more than one it is recorded at the bottom under "total feedback"

  leo49 18:04 20 Jul 2006

It's commonsense that only one buyer or seller should count towards one's feedback score - otherwise the system would be wide open to manipulation.Folk aren't very bright and inexperienced ebayers tend to look at the headline feedback score - buy 100 items from a mate at 5p each - instant credibility - and more tales of woe to be lapped up by Watchdog.

  spuds 19:00 20 Jul 2006

Feedbacks can do many mysterious things. Never ever open a new eBay account, and give a bad feedback to someone. If they were to return the favour, then you could start out with a Positive Feedback Rating of perhaps 50% or far less (-1%), which isn't going to look very good to other sellers or buyers.

But as stated above.As an example, bid and win 10 different advertised items from the same seller, and this will count as 1 Positive Feedback. The remaining 9 items (if a positive feedback is given) will show on the 'All positive Feedback Received' indicator.

  skidzy 22:29 20 Jul 2006

In relation to what has been said above (if ive read correctly).You can buy more than one item from a seller and receive feedback totaling all sale transactions.Only if the seller fills in all feedback forms.
I had some dealings with a certain seller 5 items sold 3 feedback left,i believe he did not fill in the remaining 2 feedback forms.
But on the other hand,the person leaving feedback may only fill in one feedback form.Look here for an example click here

Scroll down to (tim-webb) note i left him 5 Feedback,he left me 3

Hope this helps clarify this a little.

  skidzy 22:31 20 Jul 2006

Oops link did not work..Sorry it was a secure link

  pj123 10:01 21 Jul 2006

Thanks all. My brain is in gear now.

Checked my 11 "missing" feedbacks. Agree, 1 seller/buyer 1 feedback.


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