ebay and crazy bidders

  SG Atlantis® 20:19 04 Feb 2006

I upgraded my fiancees phone and as a result...

I was selling her old phone, worth £150 when it was bought months ago. Some newbie bid it right upto £132! Bit worried as his record only shows him as joining today, If he pays (at all????)...by paypal is it safe to send the phone when the funds are in paypal or wait til I have withdrawn it to my bank account.


  countryboy 20:46 04 Feb 2006

If he pays by paypal your momey is as safe as houses, but I bet he will try to pay you by some other method, they usually do!

  SG Atlantis® 22:35 04 Feb 2006

appreciate the response, fingers crossed eh.

Although I'm a bit sceptical to say the least.

  ayrmail 22:41 04 Feb 2006

have seen the same thing, bidding against them self's and have seen a number of sellers having to re sell their items. Not much can be done most of these people join and leave within days.

  spuds 23:18 04 Feb 2006

Make sure the monies in your bank account, and explain to the seller that due to their non-history, you are taking this safeguard.Even if PayPal tell you the money as been paid, it doesn't mean that you have control of the money, until it is in your bank account and away from PayPal.If the buyer as any complaint, then PayPal may take the funds from you, even without your immediate knowledge. This type of action as caused many people to complaint about PayPal's procedures.Instead of buyer beware, it is better if the seller is beware.

Another thing that you have to be very careful about, is the fact that young children sometimes open an account, and bid silly prices just for the fun of it. Others may open a new account and bid silly prices, then try a 'Nigerian scam'.

  SG Atlantis® 23:30 04 Feb 2006

thanks spuds, I have been looking at other phones of the same model and some of them have shot up to silly prices by new members with no history.

Someone said that, some sellers will create bogus accounts and will do this to other peoples auctions to make theirs look more favourable and better value...

It's only been a day, I'm probably just over reacting.

  Snec 02:47 05 Feb 2006

.... and all the other posts on the subject.

click here

  spuds 09:50 05 Feb 2006

SGA-- Possibly worth a browse click here click here

The first link refers to 'guzumping', and the second link refers to eBays actions?.Note the eBay Privacy Policy. This can get very confusing, especially when you are trying to resolve a problem.

  007al 11:25 05 Feb 2006

ebay are pretty quick to react in my experience.I had an email warning that the seller had listed the same item several times after it was won and not to pay for it the other day.ebay had cleared it from My ebay so i couldnt make a mistake of paying before they warned me.He had good feedback and many items for auction.I noticed one yesterday,where a seller had good feedback,with only a few sales for small items,and then had 16 laptops for one day auction,which seems very dubious.You could be ok,as ive sold many items where they were sold for more than shop price and more than i paid originaly.I think once its completed in paypal,its not easy for the money to taken out without any correspondence with you.Hope it goes well

  Snec 13:28 05 Feb 2006

Please don't think that my post was intended to be alarmist, it wasn't.

I sell between 10 and 40 of a particular item every week on eBay, so I'm not an anti-ebayer either.

But the phone scam is very real and has caught out many inexperienced sellers who finish up with no phone and no money. And in these cases eBay are of help at all I'm afraid.

  Snec 13:30 05 Feb 2006

Sorry for typo:
And in these cases eBay are of *no* help at all I'm afraid.

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