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  SG Atlantis® 14:57 21 Aug 2006

I stated that I would not ship abroad and blocked members that where outside my shipping area from bidding.

My item sold and now the lady tells me she's in lanzarote living and would I post there... or post to her mother's address in the UK if Lanzarote is too expensive.

Neither of which are the UK address provided by ebay as the registered one.

what to do? I ain't been paid yet either...

If the money reaches paypal is that good enough to let it go ie. post it?

  SG Atlantis® 14:58 21 Aug 2006

It's a mobile phone btw.

  SG Atlantis® 15:10 21 Aug 2006

I hope you appreciate that I'm skeptical due to the amount of scams you hear about on eBay. I've had a look on Royal Mail's site and it looks like it will cost £15 or so...

Plus they state ".....additional cover will not be available for mobile telephones where the maximum compensation will be £32."

So I won't be covered for loss/damage/theft in the post.

What about the address that's registered here:

<address provided by ebay>

Please respond ASAP.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:13 21 Aug 2006

Insist on posting it to her mothers' address only when you get paid...if there is a problem give the daft bat the worst feedback ever.


  g0slp 15:52 21 Aug 2006

You're being cautious; very sensible.

The alternative, of course, assuming that there were other bidders, is to refuse to send the phone to this 'winning' bidder (because of the concern regarding address etc) and offer the phone as a 'second chance' to the auction runner-up. I can't see eBay having a problem with this course of action.

Even if you do receive your money via PayPal, there are many, many cases of these payments getting recalled by PayPal. Guess who loses - yes, you.

click here click here

click here for some light reading. Mostly US, but it does happen here too.

I will never use PP if selling.

Yes, I know that millions of transactions occur daily with no problems, but I don't want to be an exception.

Good luck.


  Pamy 16:13 21 Aug 2006

How about asking for a cheque, post when cleared?

  Noldi 16:52 21 Aug 2006

I live outside the UK and have asked several sellers before I bid if they will post overseas even if they state UK only. I give them a chance to take it or leave it. I would never send a item until I have the money in my hand and would not expect anybody to expect anything else. And as g0slp says I would not use PayPal.


  silverous 17:22 21 Aug 2006

Is it not safe to post once you have paypal money? Surely she can't get the money from you then.

  kinger 17:30 21 Aug 2006

The site you lead us to complaining of PayPal directs you to this site ... click here which is why they are slamming PayPal.

More business for them with their 'axe to grind' it seems.

  kinger 17:30 21 Aug 2006

Sorry about misspelling

  silverous 17:43 21 Aug 2006

Is it not safe to post once you have paypal money? Surely she can't get the money from you then.

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