Ebay account hi-jacked

  jimv7 16:35 30 Oct 2006

Has anyone had their ebayaccount hi-jacked and if so did you recover that account.

Last Wednesday I arrived home and checked my ebay account, only to be told that my password was invaid.

On checking my email, included were emails from ebay telling me that my account had been hi-jacked, ebay had stopped the account and gave directions on how to recover it.

Ifollowed their directions to recover an invalid password account and am still awaiting the email with the newly generated password.

7 times I have emailed them and filled the online password recovery form in, but only email from them is a repeat of how to get to the online 'invalid password form'.

Its a pain, as other than the online email forms there appears to be no way to contact them.

  alB 17:04 30 Oct 2006

Had this happen to me last year, as you rightly say a real pain, use this link and scroll to "live Help" you can converse with a customer service agent who will sort it out for you there and then (they did for me anyway), make sure you have password information to hand, also an idea of what your recent purchases have been is also useful best of luck ...alB

  alB 17:04 30 Oct 2006

the link.....click here

  hijo 17:07 30 Oct 2006

hiya have u got any of these programs on ur pc!limewire or frostwire" if u have GET RID OF THEM & that might answer ur question WHY u got hyjacked....TRUST ME

  jimv7 17:15 30 Oct 2006


My computer did not get hi-jacked, it was my ebay account that was, I run, nod32, win.defender, spywareblaster, win firewall and the router's firewall.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:16 30 Oct 2006

You are writing paranoid rubbish.

It is a real pain to re-instate the account though.


  jimv7 17:37 30 Oct 2006


Tried that, it just takes me to the online 'send an email page' sent another 1, 8 so far now and not 1 reply.

  alB 17:48 30 Oct 2006

About half way down there is a live help link that should open a chat window for you (see Screenshot) click here ...alB

  jimv7 17:54 30 Oct 2006


From the link you gave me......no live links other than to email ebay,

still going around in circles.

Contacting eBay

If you are unable to sign in to your eBay account, or if you require additional assistance, please contact us immediately through

Live Help

Please note: Live Help is available from 10am to 6pm seven days a week. Outside of these hours, please contact us via email.

If you have installed a pop-up or ad blocker, this software may interfere with Live Help. To use Live Help, turn off pop-up or ad blocking and refresh the page. If you cannot use Live Help, please:

* Email us to report that you cannot sign in to your account.
Email us after signing in to your account to request additional assistance.

Be sure to include the following information:

* Name and address
* Phone number (with the best time to reach you)
* User ID
* Email address
* Item numbers of any unauthorised transactions
* Brief summary of the situation

  jimv7 18:00 30 Oct 2006


Been using firefox where your link to live help is not shown, changed to ie7 and now have access to live help.

  alB 18:04 30 Oct 2006

Nice one, hope you get it sorted ...alB

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