Earthquake in Spain

  Al94 19:40 11 May 2011

World seems to be becoming more unstable! click here

  Terry Brown 20:09 11 May 2011

I forcast these about 10 years ago, as they take more and more oil from the earth and sea.

The core of the earth is turning at a very fast speed and the oil(Especially the heavy crude oil) helps to keep this running smoothly.

You remove the oil and replace with seawater, and you get the same effect as adding water to the oil in your car, but all for short term gain, you will get long term pain.


  Condom 20:21 11 May 2011

Earthquakes in southern Spain are nothing new and have been regular occurrrences for as long as I can remember which is going back to the late 80's when we got our first place there. It is unusual for people to be killed but I believe this was caused by falling masonary which could happen anywhere even in a stong wind.

  canarieslover 20:27 11 May 2011

I wish I hadn't read that as I am off to Fuengirola this weekend. I have already experienced one earthquake in Zante in 2005 and although it wasn't too bad it was still a bit frightening. Hopefully it doesn't result in too much damage to the residents.

  ams4127 22:39 11 May 2011

Probably just Seve trying to get back again!

  Yimbo 17:40 12 May 2011

"Probably just Seve trying to get back again!"

What an utterly insensitive and fatuous response!

  Forum Editor 17:45 12 May 2011

"World seems to be becoming more unstable!"

No it doesn't. There are no more earthquakes now than there were at any time in the past 100 years. It's just that when an earthquake causes damage these days we all hear about it within hours, and if the location is a densely populated one there will be coverage on the TV news broadcasts.

Rest assured that - from a tectonic point of view - the world is as stable (or unstable, depending on context) as ever.

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