Earthquake Pah!... I need food.

  Simsy 12:18 28 Apr 2007

Despite the earthquake, and my declared intention over a decade ago that I would never go through the Channel Tunnel, I am going through it in a couple of months...

Going to Brugges in Belgium for our wedding Anniversary.

Now We've never been there before... On the assumption that the Chunnel hasn't suffred and is still running, do any of you lovely folk have recommendations of restaurants that might be suitable for an anniversary dinner for the two of us?

I have tried Google... but there's sooo much info there I thought I'd come to the best forum on the web, (creep creep!), for some first hand experience.

I wouldn't say "money no object", but neither is budget the first priority. €150 for two of us perhaps?

Any takers, either experience, or pointers to a suitable website?

thanks in anticipation,



  p;3 15:01 28 Apr 2007

the earthquake....and food???
some of us are just glad to be alive and able to get food in our local stores

  Kate B 15:18 28 Apr 2007

No recommendations as I haven't been there myself, but try searching newspaper websites for travel pieces on Brugges - they're bound to have some recommendations.

  Simsy 15:30 28 Apr 2007

in the light of the post from p;3 my original post title must seem rather crass.

I apologise.



  Kate B 15:41 28 Apr 2007

I thought it was funny, not crass - nobody was killed. There's a danger of being too po-faced about things.

  Legolas 15:51 28 Apr 2007

Simsy you say you hope the Chunnel is still running, not with water I presume ;-)

  Jackcoms 16:08 28 Apr 2007

Do people still refer to the Channel Tunnel as the "Chunnel"?

I haven't heard it called that for years!

However, to the original question.

Bruges (to give it the correct spelling - or Brugges in Dutch) is a small, compact, very 'walkable' city. On the various occasions that I've been there, we've simply wandered around until we found somewhere to eat that took our fancy - there's a good choice.

As in any touristy place, it's a good idea to look in the 'back' streets for eateries as they tend to be more cheaper the further away from tourist areas/landmarks you get.

  Jackcoms 16:14 28 Apr 2007
  Jackcoms 16:21 28 Apr 2007

Just read my first post again.

"more cheaper" ????

Excuse my awful English

  p;3 17:27 28 Apr 2007

it's not being po faced about things; just felt it rather odd/perhaps a bit insensitive to give the thread the title it has in light of the circumstances of the earthquake

  Kate B 17:52 28 Apr 2007

I think you're being oversensitive - nobody was killed. The worst that seems to have happened is some property damage and a day without power.

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