Early winter?

  morddwyd 09:04 16 Sep 2011

Saw the first skeins of geese yesterday, no I don't mean the ones on your local pond but the start of the 22,000 or so we get from Greenland.

That really could mean an early winter as it means that the cold has already killed all the food (they're vegetarian), or at least that they've eaten it all and there's no more growing, on their breeding grounds in the north.

That's the earliest I've seen them for many years.

  Aitchbee 09:20 16 Sep 2011

I spotted a group of small birds,about 50, yesterday.They flew down from a tree and landed on a nearby field,on long grass and tall thistle plants.They were very small as the grass was hardly bending with their weight.I think they might have been reed buntings or small finches.I was about ten yards away.I will look out for them again today.Great stuff!

  Aitchbee 10:03 16 Sep 2011

My 'trusty' winter jacket is now back in use!

  Bapou 12:56 16 Sep 2011

Looking down to the woodland trees from our house, the leaves have distinctly changed colour virtually overnight. Next door noticed this as well and spoke of nothing but gloom and doom in the form of an early winter to come.

Yesterday, very mild and sunny for most of the day, today, the heating has been switched on.

  wiz-king 14:05 16 Sep 2011

4.9 degrees yesterday morning - not a summery feel to the morning!

  Woolwell 14:09 16 Sep 2011

Signs of sutumn have arrived early but in the south west it is quite warm with temperatures around 18C. The rowan berries have been stripped from the trees by birds.

  Chegs ®™ 14:57 16 Sep 2011

I heard on the radio recently,this summer has been the coolest since records began.I also noticed that the drains/gulleys & pavements are covered with fallen leaves though the recent visit by "hurricane kateia"(or whatever it was called)could be to blame.It might be the coolest summer or we might've been visited by a hurricane,but I'm still wearing shorts & shirt when at work during the evening,and will continue to do so until I actually feel cold.The temperature gauge in the van I'm sure is wrong as it has said the outside temperature is 9 degrees but I'm still sat sweating even with the windows fully open,and have been comfortable yet its said 18 degrees.

  Kevscar1 15:03 16 Sep 2011

coolest since records began seems to put paid to the theory that the world is heating up. When will they start predicting another ice age

  Crosstrainer2 15:07 16 Sep 2011

The long range forecast is suggesting a freeze with snow in November. I don't mind snow, but it makes life difficult if Adsda or Tesco are unable to get up the close here.

Shall have to watch it and order early this year....once stocked up I quite enjoy the White scenery with all the trees aiong the Taff covered in snow. Must take some winter photos this year too.

  spuds 15:52 16 Sep 2011

Noticed that the seagull's are returning to my land-locked area, but that's usual for this time of year.

Squirrel's are also on the look-out for winter food to store!.

  SimpleSimon1 16:48 16 Sep 2011

Just been out picking sloes for my annual sloe gin production. Not only are they already ripe (about 5 weeks early) but the branches are absolutely laden with them - never seen so many.

Looks like it might be a hard winter...just as well, I've still got 3 litres of last years sloe gin to keep me warm.

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