Early Easter

  gengiscant 15:35 31 Dec 2010

Further to a post I had earlier in the year click here it seems Tesco stores are already selling Easter eggs,Why?

A Tesco spokesman said they were responding to demand from customers.

So if any of you Tesco customers out there have been demanding Easter eggs: shame on you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:50 31 Dec 2010

Love their sloan

"very little help"

Oh dear I seem to have missed the first and last letter off


  carver 15:58 31 Dec 2010

I was in Tesco yesterday and everything was getting moved, couldn't find any thing I wanted.

I asked one the the staff what was going on and that was his reply, getting ready for the Easter stock.

  peter99co 16:05 31 Dec 2010

I would hate to go in Tesco and find they had still got all the Christmas stock still on display.

It's only Eggs anyway. Nothing wrong with being efficient. Perhaps they should put a curtain round the shelves to avoid offending the eye.

  BRYNIT 16:09 31 Dec 2010

Easter eggs have been delivered to the shops in December for years just to make sure they have stock.

These days its just to get the sales. Each year one company will put Easter eggs onto the shelves earlier than another. Eventually we will find Easter eggs on sale from June ready for the next year. It'll be like the sales/promotions one finishes just as another one starts.

  DippyGirl 16:26 31 Dec 2010

because they are across the road!

  Forum Editor 16:49 31 Dec 2010

Why should anyone feel ashamed about wanting a chocoloate egg? I rather think it's you who should apologise for overreacting.

Shops sell what people will buy, and if Tesco know that customers will buy Easter eggs at this time of the year I see nothing wrong with them being sold.

  gengiscant 16:58 31 Dec 2010

Yet again a tongue in cheek posting has earned a over the top comment from you. How sad.

  Forum Editor 17:23 31 Dec 2010

what's sad is that you should try to wriggle like that.

Your earlier thread - the one you referred to above - saw you complaining about stores who said that what you called "ridiculous changes" were made in response to customer demand.

Now we see you asking why a store is selling Easter eggs at this time of the year, when the store has already said it is in response to demand. You then say "shame on you" to anyone who has asked the store to do this. I invite you to tell me how we're supposed to divine that your tongue was in your cheek.

Calling me 'sad' for reacting to a perfectly plain meaning is offensive, especially when its allied to a transparently obvious attempt to pretend you were joking.

  Bingalau 17:24 31 Dec 2010

I thought our FE would be putting the block on this thread for mentioning the dreaded word "E....R" before a certain date as he does with the other dreaded word...

  Forum Editor 17:42 31 Dec 2010

Easter isn't so much of a problem - we don't seem to get lots of Easter related posts ahead of the event....obviously not much customer demand!

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