Early Autumn for some

  Grey Goo 11:14 30 Jul 2009

Just been looking round the garden, the Mountain Ash has bright orange berries and the Japanese anemones are flowering. Very strange for July, and it looks like there will be nothing left to bloom when September comes.

  Quickbeam 11:21 30 Jul 2009

My patio at this time of the year should be in a blaze of colour with the summer flowers. My olive tree for the third year running will yield less than a dozen olives and the roses are rotting before they've opened. The garden seems to have shrunk in two feet along each edge with all the rain causing the shrubs to shoot outwards!

Where's the long hot summer...?

  smartpoly 11:24 30 Jul 2009

Here it is
click here

  Quickbeam 11:30 30 Jul 2009

The graph shows the sun as only slightly below average, but the rain as off the scale!

So it looks that for us that climate change will give us a monsoon season:(

  Quickbeam 11:43 30 Jul 2009

The effects of the monsoon at Edgbaston click here

  spuds 11:51 30 Jul 2009

It got to the point yesterday evening, that we were contemplating bringing the central heating back into service. Heavy rain for the past two days, and everything is getting damp, including my joints.

The weather forecasters appear to have got their facts right again :O(

  JanetO 14:43 30 Jul 2009

I think forecasters should have to swear on the holy Bible or if they get it wrong be struck by a bolt of lightning. (yes, I know it's not an exact science, but it's not rocket science, is it?)

  peter99co 16:06 30 Jul 2009
  Toneman 18:29 30 Jul 2009

It seems obvious to me that we are at the mercy of quickly changing weather patterns way out over the Atlantic, don't know why "they" bother to try to forecast more than about 12 hours ahead. I think the promised "BBQ" weather was a deep dyed government plot to try to make people stay at home and reduce the number of passengers flying abroad...

  lofty29 19:12 30 Jul 2009

I suspect it is all a conspiracy on the part of the government, they broadcast a global warming/climate change theory, as an excuse to erect loads of windmills which they know will cause the jetstream to be shifted thus causing bad weather which they can then blame on the GW/CC and that gives then an excuse to increase taxes.

  laurie53 20:27 30 Jul 2009

Farmers have started ploughing up here, definitely an Autumn activity (unless he's p a bit late with his Spring ploughing!).

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