Earliest Childhood memories?

  NIGEY 14:09 19 Nov 2006

What's your earliest childhood memory?The earliest thing in your life you can recall,Mine was staring nursery aged 4 or 5 I guess ,I remember being so nervous and my mum waiting for me at the end of the first day with a packet of spangles!! I honestly thought that was it... done, didn't think I had to ever go back again,
How wrong I was,

  Forum Editor 14:15 19 Nov 2006

who was told he would be starting school soon.

'How long will I have to go to school for?' he asked his mother.

'Until you're 11' she said, 'then you'll go to another school until you're 17 - don't worry, you'll love it.'

He burst into tears, and was inconsolable. When she finally calmed him down a little his mother asked what was the matter "Why are you crying" she asked "What's wrong?"

"I'm worried you'll forget to come and get me when I'm seventeen" he sobbed.

  NIGEY 14:26 19 Nov 2006

Indeed...I recently went to a parents evening at our sons school,and the feelings came flooding back,The smell, the desks,chairs, blackboard,It was as though Id never been away, teachers all in the staff room awaiting our arrival, still felt intimidated by them....is that normal or was that just me?

  amonra 14:35 19 Nov 2006

I kept getting the cane for talking ! No way was I talking, I was too busy chatting to my mates.

  [email protected] 14:35 19 Nov 2006

Absolutely normal, I started art classes last month in the old church school where I was a pupil almost 50 years ago. Although no longer used as a school the building which is over 100 years old is now used as a sort of community centre.

Walking back into the place and sitting in one of the classrooms I was taught in all those years ago the memories came flooding back and it felt as though the events of fifty years ago happened only yesterday, a very peculiar feeling I must say.

  Little Flower 14:37 19 Nov 2006

I'm ok about parents' evening at my son's primary school, but we went to visit potential secondary school and I was terrifed of those tall children still!

I think my earliest memory is of Christmas dinner when I was aged 4 years & 4 months - mum heavily pregnant with my sister subsequently born New Years Eve. every time Mum moved or got up from the table, Grandma looked at her in horror as though mum was about to explode.

  rodriguez 15:22 19 Nov 2006

Furthest back I can remember is when I was 2. We were on holiday in Wales and Mom and Dad were on the pitch & putt and I kept running off with the golf balls. I can only remember doing that bit, the rest is just a blur.

  NIGEY 18:34 19 Nov 2006

I guess this is why alot of us take so many photographs today, because 20/30 yrs ago we really didnt have that option, but now our children can look back and remember alot clearer than we ever could, thanks to the technology available today,If only our parents from yesteryear had the digital technology that's available today,but then i guess our kids will take it for granted won't they? That's what makes it so special I guess.

  lisa02 19:25 19 Nov 2006

I can't remember any of my childhood as in primary school and lower. It's just all hazy bits and pieces so I don't know.

  josie mayhem 20:13 19 Nov 2006

Must have been around the age of 3 to 4, but I can still see my grandads lambretta parked in the front garden. It was off-white with pale blue panels and a very large wind screen thingy.

Grandad and gran used to wear off white helments that sort of basin style. Grandad wore a heavy leather jacket, gran was a bit like michalin man! several jackets on, toped with a cream camel hair full length coat...

I've been told that the standing family joke was if gran fell off she wouldn't hurt herself but bounce/roll down the road...

But she did fall off on the way home from church, breaking her wrist, grandad who was very hard of hearing didn't notice until he got home!!!

I can't remember gran having her arm in plaster though, only grandads motorbike in the garden...

  Monoux 21:35 19 Nov 2006

josie mayhem

A Lambretta is NOT a motorbike

It's sooped up sewing machine !! :o)

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