E.On threatening behaviour

  perpetual motion 11:52 14 Apr 2009

Ive woke up very angry this morning,whats ur views guys on this please,

We moved into a rented 3 bed house about 7 months ago as we had been renting a flat that was too small, we got it for a AMAZING price hundreds of pounds less then the going rate around here as it was a friends, there was however some issues some of them been it needed a LOT of work doing to it internally & externaly,

but we decided we take it in our stridem the other thing was the central heating system was VERY old & in fact there was TWO boilers one for the hot water & one for the heating so as you can imagine we expected a larger energy bill,

We changed to "E.On" who was apparently doing the best deals then, so just to give you all some picture myself & my wife are studying degree's cause we cannot find any work although my wife does have a low paid part time lecturers position,

We was horrified to recive a bill for £750 for the quarter i just couldnt belive it? so we called them to arange a payment scheme BUT they refused point blank! they told us they demanded £195 PER MONTH off us until it was paid off & unless we can pay the FULL £750 in one payment they would gain access to our "Rented home" & fit token meters!! they went further with there "threatening behaviour" i warned us that they WILL send Bailifs to recover ANY monies owed! & they WOULD dissconnect ALL our gas/Electricity supplys! & one other thing is when the bailifs come they would impose a £30 charge on us!

I belive we offered them sufficently & they outright refused! where do we stand with all this & there threatening behaviour tactics.?

  jack 12:00 14 Apr 2009

Were already on the suppliers 'BadBooks' hence their
'stroppy' attitude'
Do you know if this is so?
Citizens Advice is the next step I would imagine.

  perpetual motion 12:07 14 Apr 2009

jack no our friends who own the house would of paid in a decent mannor, there ok for money & they dont like been chased by any companies!

Whenuve stated "Is it possible that these premises

Were already on the suppliers 'BadBooks' hence their
'stroppy' attitude'"

Thats doesnt give them justification too be as hostile as this we are CLEARLY a differant family.

  Pamy 12:17 14 Apr 2009

I think there is more to this than you are telling.
They must have a reason for their stand. As has already been stated I would go along to the CAB.

  perpetual motion 12:28 14 Apr 2009

Pamy PLEASE dont dissrespect me ive told you EXACTLY how it is ive held nothing back here!!

Do you work for them..?

  Pamy 12:34 14 Apr 2009

No, I'm retired, but had to push you to see what your come back would be. A letter to the managing director would not go amiss, but do go along to CAB also your locl newspaper would be interested in your story, so would TV's "Whatchdog"

  Clapton is God 12:36 14 Apr 2009

You say you moved in 7 months ago and have just got a bill for the quarter.

Is this the first bill from E-On, in which case it probably covers 7 months.

If it's not the first bill, how does it compare to previous quarters?

  perpetual motion 12:40 14 Apr 2009

clapton is god, yes good question what happened is they took months & months to sort us out a "Estimation" we called them to start pre-paying at least something but they refused on the grounds that they didnt have a amount for us to go by.?then they hit us with this!

  Clapton is God 12:42 14 Apr 2009

So, from what you say, this is the first bill covering all 7 months.

Yes or no?

  perpetual motion 12:43 14 Apr 2009

pamy Thankx hun!! (Sorry for been rude)xxx

  jolorna 12:44 14 Apr 2009

you said (they told us they demanded £195 PER MONTH off us until it was paid off) & then you said (& unless we can pay the FULL £750 in one payment they would gain access to our "Rented home" & fit token meters) which would be a standard practice, as your unable to pay the bill in full, so to help you control your outlay, but you will find once you have satisfied them that your able to regain a credit rating with them, you can ask to have the pre payment meter removed, & no i don't work for any power company, its just the standered law of stopping people being disconected totaly from the energy companies that the goverment demad

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