E-Bay Fined

  morddwyd 09:24 01 Dec 2009

E-Bay have been fined for selling cut price (but genuine) perfume.

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Restriction of trade or legitimate protection of trade name/property rights etc?

  Kevscar1 09:40 01 Dec 2009

It,s about time. I stopped using e-bay some years ago because they were just not interested in stopping pirate sellers. 5 times I reported one who had sold over 2000 copies of Microsoft software. It was only when I sent a 6th e-mail informing them I woild be supplying copies of all my e-mails to microsoft with a suggestion that they had grounds to sue e-bay that they banned him. No doubt he was back the next day with a new ID

  morddwyd 10:16 01 Dec 2009

Read the thread again.

This has nothing to do with piracy.

E-Bay have been fined for selling cheaper than the manufacturer says they should, in other words for failing to join a price fixing agreement, something that is supposed to be illegal under EU rules.

Or is at that it is only illegal when non-European countries do it?

  Snec 12:32 01 Dec 2009

If you looked at this site's (PCA) own Home Page you would see a fuller story there.

  Condom 14:01 01 Dec 2009

Absolutely right. These so called super brands try to restrict the selling of their goods to "exclusive" shops, in other words expensive shops. I hope eBay fight this all the way to the International courts and not just in Europe where the French and Italians in particular flout European rules whenever it suits them. I've no sympathy with eBay on piracy issues as it is a source of continuing fraud which it has been slow to address but I'm with them on this.

  AL47 20:15 01 Dec 2009

i buy everything off ebay i can, everythings so expensive. if its on offer ill take it!

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