E-Bay Fined

  laurie53 08:52 02 Jul 2008

E-Bay has been heavily fined by the French courts for allowing counterfeit goods to be sold.

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While e-bay cannot possibly monitor all that is sold on its site, I do feel that they should at least pay lip service to intellectual and property rights.

Any comments?

  Cymro. 10:38 02 Jul 2008

"While e-bay cannot possibly monitor all that is sold on its site, I do feel that they should at least pay lip service to intellectual and property rights".

With all the latest technology available to a firm like E-Bay I also would have thought that there was some way that they could at least check out a percentage of the stuff that is on sale on the site.

Perhaps it would not be possible to check everything but say if they only managed a quarter it would help to cut down an this side of the business. It does their reputation no good and is very expensive to have to pay large fines like this.

  spuds 11:01 02 Jul 2008

eBay have a very good investigating team who work with other agencies, and the manufacturers themselves in some cases,for seeking out possible 'dodgy' items.

eBay are making an appeal against this fining and decision, in the interest of the consumer, siting various factors.

I do not think that it helped much, with a recent television documentary, and some 'designer must have' crazy people were boasting about their far cheaper purchases off the internet and from shopping trips elsewhere.

Personally I would never buy something like a small leather belt costing £2000 (like certain celebrities) because it as a designer label on it. Perhaps only to be worn once.

  Al94 11:11 02 Jul 2008

It's like fining the land owner who allows a market or car boot sale to take place on his land!

  Cymro. 11:22 02 Jul 2008

So do you think the court was wrong to fine Ebay then?

  spuds 11:43 02 Jul 2008

Apparently eBay think so, and that is why they are appealing against the decision. In other media reports, they seem to reasons for making an appeal.

I wonder how many people are using 'dodgy' software in their everyday activities. Perhaps known or unknown to them. Sometimes identifying counterfeits can be an extremely complicated affair. Peoples eBay should shut-up shop, and this will then resolve all issues of perhaps wrongdoings!.

Perhaps going off tangent slightly, perhaps many a well known manufacturer may well source their products from not so well off outlets,because of cheap labour, yet still charge a kings ransom for a 'must have' name label. Then we have the street sellers in some well known and respected countries, who sell their labelled goods without hindrance.

  spuds 11:47 02 Jul 2008

Apologies for errors:

1st para: seem to have reasons or..

2nd para: Peoples eBay = Perhaps eBay

  Al94 11:59 02 Jul 2008

Yes, I believe the court was wrong to fine eBay. The target of the action should be the vendor and the purchaser, eBay are the facilitators of the online "market" and no more culpable than a land owner would be if dodgy goods were being sold in a market. I believe eBay take great care to try to prevent counterfeit goods being sold but with the sheer volume of transactions, it would be impossible to catch them all.

  Cymro. 12:14 02 Jul 2008

"The target of the action should be the vendor and the purchaser"

I think it is the manufacturer of the counterfeit goods that should be the first to be prosecuted, and then the vendor. As for the purchaser he could plead ignorance, and may indeed be completely innocent and just duped in to buying something that was not what he thought it was. Although many counterfeit products are obviously just that but not always so and many people are cheated in to paying good money for rubbish.

  Al94 12:33 02 Jul 2008

Fair point Cymro but the actual manufacturer i, I suspect,often harder to identify that the vendor.

  Cymro. 12:42 02 Jul 2008

I don`t know if laurie53 had any particular kind of counterfeit goods in mind when he started this thread. It is not just things like fake designer clothing or dodgy CDs. and the like that I think are the most important to put a stop to.

Things like replacement brake shoes for your car and pharmaceutical products are produced and on sale all over the world. Such counterfeit products don`t just cost legitimate companies a lot of money but also do their reputation a great deal of harm. But most of all they are very, very dangerous to whoever who ends up using them.

I know there are many people who consider counterfeit good to be just a bit of innocent fun that harms no one but when they go around the place in their Micky Mouse Rolex watches they don`t realise what it is all about.

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