e-bay bidding query ?

  radi8or 19:24 26 Jul 2005

Hi all,

Have just won an auction on e-bay for an item,no
problem exactly as listed, it's the bidding thats

I bid an amount I was willing to go to and left the site, at the end of the auction I got an e-mail telling me I had won and had to pay the amount I specified

When I had a look at the bidding history, other than the bids that were already there before I
joined, there was a massive jump and the one bid below mine was only a pound short of my top amount.

Can anyone see the amount that I am willing to go to, or is it just a coincidence.

Regards Bob

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:36 26 Jul 2005

Coincidence, no one can see your bids.


  spuds 20:37 26 Jul 2005

Nobody can see your maximum bid, that is why people can lose out at the last minute with eBay bidding for you.

  radi8or 20:47 26 Jul 2005

GANDALF <|:-)>, spuds

Thanks for your response have a suspicious nature where e-bay is concerned but still use them, thanks again

Regards Bob

  Wilham 21:18 26 Jul 2005

It isn't a coincidence, it's the way the system works.

Lets say A bids a pound. You come along as B and bid your max, say £15-55. This is printed as £1-20. Third party C then joins in, thinks like you and puts in a bid (say)£14-25.

What gets printed is the sequence... £1, £1-20, £14-25, and your winning bid £14-75.

Had B and C fought it out manually the individual steps would all be there.

  Mysticnas 21:50 26 Jul 2005

saying that....

i've heard of people selling items that have various other user names, they check to see how much the highest bid on their item and then put in a somewhat "false" bid just so yours gets accepted.

type it in google.

  Snec 21:59 26 Jul 2005

click here and put in the item number. Shill bidding stands out like a sore thumb.

Most eBay regulars know about it. Those that don't and try Shill bidding get caught sooner rather than later usually.

  Fred the flour grader 22:14 26 Jul 2005


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