DWP to cut 8,000 jobs from jobcentres!

  Uboat 10:27 23 Jul 2010

Well i had to go into the local jc a few weeks ago & i got talking to one of the staff who was very open about the fact most of the staff was on "Temp contracts" & that they all knew the day was coming very soon where they would loose there jobs creating a lot of hostility amongst them,

Another point is that the staff that are Full time Permanant who already have a heavy load of work will now have it increased MUCH MUCH more..

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  Armchair 10:44 23 Jul 2010

I don't see how they can claim to have a heavy workload. Not from my experience of attending JC interviews, anyway.

At least they'll know how to do a job search!

  Strawballs 01:15 24 Jul 2010

With the Tory's in power their workload is going to get bigger be assured.

  WhiteTruckMan 09:55 24 Jul 2010

may recieve a well earned lesson in humility, as well as a deserved insight in what its like to sit on the other side of the desk.

I have had occasion to use them in recent times, and I found it a most unpleasant and degrading experience at their hands.


  Grey Goo 10:38 24 Jul 2010

I have not signed on for 17 years, when I had a short lapse in employment. Sounds like nothing has changed. The lowlife I encountered behind the desk were a load of uncouth illiterate morons, and that was just the management.

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:13 24 Jul 2010

It is not the same everywhere.

I have been signed off work sick with mental health problems for a long time and have now gone on benefits as SSP runs out at 6 months.

The woman who is dealing with me at Taunton Job Centre clearly views it as her mission to be as helpful as possible. Though I should add that I am still employed.

  Quickbeam 11:18 24 Jul 2010

If they lay off 8,000, won't they then have to employ some more to handle the extra workload...?

  spuds 11:37 24 Jul 2010

Perhaps the people who are made redundant can enrol on a Learn Direct course, as this seems to be the way the government is heading in resolving unemployment.

A number of years ago I contacted the Job Centre for some information and the necessary forms. The first person I dealt with was very anti, the second gave all the answers and sent said forms by next post. Must have been the fact that the particular centre was in the throws of industrial problems with management. So perhaps bad times of anti might appear again?.

  AL47 13:54 24 Jul 2010

get rid i say.. good for nothing

  jakimo 17:30 24 Jul 2010

Quickbeam is right of course,the more laid-off, resulting in more bodies have to be taken on to deal with all the extra work that comes when dealing with the unemployed,resulting in the unemployed figure being lower than anticipated,and the government gives itself a pat on the back.

But in a recent report it was claimed that the private sector had far more jobs on offer than the JC

  seefuu1 19:20 27 Jul 2010

Just add the work load onto the call center staff.
This has been a money saver so far,so expect more of the same.

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