dvd/cd packaging

  immer 20:52 06 May 2005

please can we have less packaging on DVD's. A simple envelope is enough so long as the lable is good & we could all help save the earth & my bookshelf space ! PS anyone want a nice set of Ti scali disk coasters for their coffee & tea ?

  Ancient Learner 21:10 06 May 2005

You are referring to the PC Advisor DVDs of course. I couldn't agree more. The CDs are put into simple, but adequate, card holders, so why use these large plastic ones for the DVDs?

  pj123 16:43 09 May 2005

Yes, but once you have thrown the DVD into the bin you have, at least, got a nice case for one of your own DVDs.

  Andybear 17:57 09 May 2005

I get the CD version from Smiths and the CDs are in jewel cases not card holders. I agree that it is a waste though.

  Pooke100 18:23 09 May 2005

I get the cd version, dump the disc and use the slim jewel case for cds I've made, I normally buy them in packs from Tesco(10 for £2.70), so PCA gives me a free case :)

With dvd cases I think they are a complete waste, they should all be reduced in size. Some believe it's percieved value, that the cases are that size.

  Forum Editor 18:32 09 May 2005

(in fact the main reason) that the DVD cases were introduced (by the industry, not by us) was so that they could be easily distinguished from CDs when on a shelf. It has nothing to do with perceived value.

The DVD box format is used by Microsoft for all it's software, and personally I prefer it.

  immer 20:11 09 May 2005

I have PCA discs going back several years & should be brave & chuck them out along with my Sinclair48k but just am an inveterate horder. The box on the DVD is far too big for what it is. It's no better than my kellogs box that seems to only be half full from new, but what else can you do with a DVD box...(store in the kellogs box perhaps....!)


  Pooke100 20:40 09 May 2005

Rather than waste plastic all they need to do is slap on the letters DVD, large and plain. Well what ever the reason it's still not ecological to have oversized packaging for anything. Plus as the original post says: takes up to much space.


  Jak_1 20:58 12 May 2005

I keep most of my cover disks also, some of the older proggies are better than their upgraded versions as they don't have all the unwanted addons.

Agree with FE re packaging, does make life easier as the printed mag price is usually so small and unreadable (ageing eye, lol)that it would be easy to pickup the wrong version only to find out at the checkout.

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