Dusty yanks

  SLAYER 15:27 04 Mar 2007

Can anyone explain how we have squealing tyres on a dry dusty road in yank films,

  Forum Editor 15:32 04 Mar 2007

and it's the kind of thing that is done in films and TV programmes in all countries - it isn't exclusive to American films,and isn't limited to screeching tires, there are all kinds of unlikely effects in every film. Films would be less interesting without them

  DrScott 15:33 04 Mar 2007

It's those foley artists. It's the same with nature programs - most of the animal sounds are added later or are just artificial.

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  Forum Editor 15:36 04 Mar 2007

Nature films are one of the best examples. See an insect eating a leaf and there'll be a leaf-munching sound.

In real life you hear nothing of the kind, but a totally silent interlude fills programmers with dread - viewers mustn't have 'dead air' for more than a few seconds, or they'll think something's wrong with the transmission.

  SLAYER 15:42 04 Mar 2007

Forum Editor
Is it just me,but I find squealing tyres on surfaces which are impossible annoying.Yes I except unlikely effects,but squealing tyres are particularly annoying.

  octal 16:04 04 Mar 2007

Ever driven a big American car? It's comical seeing it happen, especially when it's a Bit collecting his rental car he's not used to and leaving the gate guard in a cloud of smoke.

  octal 16:11 04 Mar 2007

Bit = Brit

Spell-check wouldn't pick on that would it?

  provider 2 16:23 04 Mar 2007

I think it might also have something to do with the rubber/nylon ratio in tyres commonly used in the US V UK. Don`t the high nylon content ones squeal much more?

  royalflush 16:35 04 Mar 2007

One a few A-Team episodes you can distictly here the screatching of tires whilst there on the beach...lol & on a few Not-so high-budget-films

  Diemmess 17:58 04 Mar 2007

On a suitable hard shiney concrete surface

  Diemmess 18:02 04 Mar 2007

..... it is possible to have squeals however gently a car is driven. Thinking of a one time petrol forecourt where the glaze almost invited a wax polish!

To be generous to the American scene, the dust might be covering just such a dry smooth surface!!! ..... or more likely not.

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