laurie53 14:45 22 Oct 2007

I'm gl;ad I no longer have to deal with small persons' questions now that Dumblebore has been outed.

Actually I'm a bit surprised at J K Rowling - as a mother herself she must have known the sort of questions which would be asked!

  lisa02 14:48 22 Oct 2007

Ok now you have a big person asking, what do you mean?

  HCOOH 14:56 22 Oct 2007

They have even accused Bugs Bunny of being "Gay"
in a list of "Pink" Cartoon characters.

  €dstowe 14:58 22 Oct 2007

Unless it is part of the plot, why should the proclivities of any fictional character become known?

The series of books is at an end so having this information thrust upon us can be of no importance whatsoever unless, of course, that some other works are to be issued - perhaps an XXX adult version of Harry Potter?

  Acx 14:59 22 Oct 2007

I must of skipped a few pages in the last book!

  JanetO 15:03 22 Oct 2007

I'm with you on this.

What does it matter if little ones ask about the facts of life?

It was J K Rowling's creation, she wrote it, probably lay awake at night trying to improve it, took risks and probably went through a lot of heartache.

Why shouldn't she say one of the characters was gay?

  DrScott 15:06 22 Oct 2007

contrived clap trap (but then again, that's my opinion of the books anyway).

The cynic might suggest it's a way of generating more sales...

  lisa02 15:08 22 Oct 2007

Now I see, I agree with €dstowe and Acx. It's of no relevance and secondly I must have missed a bit in one the books.

I have read all the books at least twice, seen the films and never heard a mention of anyone being gay.

  laurie53 15:10 22 Oct 2007

Doesn't matter at all, but speaking personally, I had enough difficulty explaining heterosexual sex to an 11 year old, without trying to explain homosexual sex to a six year old!

Bit like the non-existence of Father Christmas and fairies (sorry Tinker Bell, didn't really mean it), you know you're going to have to explain it one day, but the later the better!

  youtruth 15:14 22 Oct 2007

Are you sure that it wasn't Lord of the Rings we are talking about?

And since the younger generation have reclaimed the word, we could say that these books are totally 'gay'.

  silverous 15:15 22 Oct 2007

Can you imagine all the wizards that are now going to withdraw their children from his custody....... the homophobes.

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