Duct tape for all...

  Bingalau 09:43 15 Sep 2008

Morning All...
How about this site for a laugh then?

click here

  johndrew 09:59 15 Sep 2008

Good one. I still have no idea how many hours you spend looking for these!!

  Bingalau 10:54 15 Sep 2008

johndrew. I don't look for them, that one came in a mail from the USA this morning and I know we have had posts about what they call duct tape before, I think we call it masking tape. That's what we used to call it anyway.

  interzone55 11:06 15 Sep 2008

I have a duct tape wallet, it's incredibly hard wearing and has traveled the world in my back pocket...

  Forum Editor 00:18 16 Sep 2008

to call the nice nurse and ask for another tablet.

  crosstrainer 07:28 16 Sep 2008

It's great stuff, very, very strong and versatile...Not sure about actually ,aking things out of it though :))

Superb for many types of repair, and for packaging parcels (takes ages to open one of mine done up with the tape!)

  jack 09:24 16 Sep 2008

Have occasional supplies of largish rolls at a good price and also aluminium self adhesive foil.
I make sure I have a good stock of both- for all sorts of repairs.
I have only yesterday refurbished a luggage/tool box trolley- had it for maybe 40 years- purchased from a firm called Headquarter and General Supplies sold all sorts of 'stuff' mail order.
It has been hanging on a nail in my shed going rusty and unloved all these years.
No I have a regular use for it-I thought it could do with a tart up. a repaint with Hammerite
The chrome handle had flaked off - so a quick rub down and cover with the aluminium tape has made it better than new.

  jack 09:59 16 Sep 2008

[IMG]click here[/IMG]

[IMG]click here[/IMG]

There it be - reborn

  Picklefactory 13:15 16 Sep 2008

"had posts about what they call duct tape before, I think we call it masking tape"

Nah! Masking tape is the thin, white, papery sort of stuff that is used for 'masking' around the bits of your car that you don't want to paint, with old copies of the Sun. It's not very sticky, so you don't damage paintwork when peeling it back off.
Duct tape is as sticky as sticky can be, the stuff I've generally seen in the UK is black though, although I assume there would be other colours available.

There, I'm sure you'll all sleep better now that you know those interesting facts............................I'll get my coat.

  interzone55 13:32 16 Sep 2008

The black stuff used to be known as Gaffer tape, name I suppose for the stage hands who would use it to stick wires down to stage floors...

click here

click here

  jack 13:50 16 Sep 2008

But duct tape primary use is to cover joints in air ducting.
You know those great square/oblong/round section tubes running above false ceilings in offices or naked in ware houses -hence the silver colour.

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