Dublin Zoo

  kev d 21:52 11 Aug 2009

My family and I had the pleasure of visiting Dublin Zoo last Saturday. If you are a cat lover the baby tigers are well worth seeing.

  dagnammit 22:13 11 Aug 2009

It's a great Zoo. We went last year.

  kev d 22:18 11 Aug 2009

than an hour's drive away.

  dagnammit 22:28 11 Aug 2009

We're in Belfast so it's 2 & 1/2 hrs by train.

  Seth Haniel 08:09 12 Aug 2009

did you have your tea with the Meerkats??

Visited the zoo at Easter just after it re-openned

  SimpleSimon1 10:21 12 Aug 2009

I hate zoo's with a passion cos I'd rather the humans were in the cages and the animals weren't!

I suppose it might be bettter now (haven't visited a zoo in at least 15 years) cos there seems to be more concern for animal welfare. However, my abiding memory is of a visit to Edinburgh Zoo with some colleagues. We were pitching for some business and weren't due to meet the client until 11.30. Since our hotel was next door to the zoo, our boss thought we could nip in there to kill some time - big mistake!

Most of the animals were severely stressed by undersized cages with little or nothing for the animals to do. My abiding memory was of watching a disturbed polar bear just continually walking in circles around a very small pool. By the end of it, we were all so depressed that we blew the pitch and didn't get the business.

I know the some of the best zoos have a really good conservation reputation but IMHO there's far too many which really should be closed down cos they haven't got the money, knowledge or inclination to provide animals with a healthy and stimulating environment.

Sorry...rant over

  donki 10:34 12 Aug 2009

Have to agree its well worth the train journey down just for the Zoo..... pity ours up here wasn't as impressive.

  sunnystaines 11:41 12 Aug 2009

Not been to a proper zoo for years, but recently stayed at a hotel in cricket st thomas that had a wildlife park in the grounds but most of the animals looked in a dreadful state felt sorry for them.

used to enjoy windsor safari pk in the 70,s

  dagnammit 11:55 12 Aug 2009

We visited Belfast Zoo at Easter this year and it was a miserable affair. Upon arriving I thought.... "wow they've invested some money".

As soon as I left the entrance I realised that everything else is just the same. They'd spent the money on doing up their offices, nothing new for the animals. I'd sooner enter a Zoo through a wooden shed and have money spent where it should be spent.

The Bear is soo sad looking, wondering about the same small space with nothing to do. The Elphants are the same... the only nice thing is the ring-tail lemurs who are allowed to free roam. The monkeys, also in the same crapo enclosure with the same fixtures, are being fed sweets and crap from moronic visitors. I seen staff pass by without saying a word to stop them.

The elephants are all standing idle with their heads bobbing up and down. Again no stimuli... the same enclosure they've had for years.

Really is a pathetic place where the humans think more of their environment than the animals.

  red1977 12:47 12 Aug 2009

Can you tell me how you know the animals were stressed and disturbed. I am doing a report on animal psychology and any insight you have would be invaluable.

  SimpleSimon1 15:08 12 Aug 2009

TBH Red, if you're doing a report on animal psychology, you probably know far more about this than I do and I certainly wouldn't claim any level of insight. However, there was a lot of very repetitive behaviour (especially from the bears), lots of walking around in circles, very little response to outside stimuli etc.

I think the real problem was that, on the whole, the cages were relatively small, concrete and contained very little to provide any sort of stimulus or diversion. As I read somewhere, how would a human like it if they were locked-up 24 hours a day in a house with white walls, no furniture, books, games, films etc?

Like I said, this was a long time ago and maybe things have got better. However, in most cases, I really can't see why animals need to be kept behind bars for the enterainment of humans. Far better to save up the pennies and visit them in their own natural habitats.

OK, rant really over now :-)

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