Dry Oranges

  Quickbeam 13:26 05 Jul 2010

Is there anyway to tell whether oranges are dry or juicy before purchase. I've just bought a dozen off the market and the first four were totally juicless, I couldn't be bothered after that, so I binned them:(

  canarieslover 13:44 05 Jul 2010

Difficult to tell just by looking but an orange should feel just a little squidgy. Any more than a little give in it and it could well be dry inside. Personally I don't buy from the market as the traders usually go for the cheapest and the chances of them being less than perfect are greatly increased. Buy from the supermarket and take them back if they are not satisfactory.

  michaelw 13:44 05 Jul 2010

I bet you're pithed off.

Sorry, the devil on my shoulder made me do it.

  wiz-king 14:09 05 Jul 2010

The two you didn't try were most appeeling.
(mis-spelling intentional!)

  jack 14:45 05 Jul 2010

May not go amiss-
Jaffa- big with thick skin
Seville - smaller thing skin juicy etc.

click here

  sunnystaines 15:09 05 Jul 2010

most fruits from the markets are very good, but we always buy oranges from the supermarkets, the market oranges are seldom good ones.

  spuds 16:26 05 Jul 2010

Its evident that you use the wrong market. Our large outdoor market usually as samples on display.Saves squeezing and bruising the produce before deciding.

I generally find that the oranges and any other citrus fruit goes dry, is when we leave it in the cupboard and forget about it for a few weeks ;o))

  BT 16:37 05 Jul 2010

..are not ALWAYS the best.
We bought a net of 6 in Tescos a couple of weeks ago and within 3 days 3 of them had gone green mouldy. Its amazing how quickly they develop the mould, virtually overnight.

  Quickbeam 17:49 05 Jul 2010

There could be something in that fourm member.

  Forum Editor 18:30 05 Jul 2010

The way to tell is to weigh the orange in your hand. The heavier it feels for its size the greater the liquid content.

  birdface 18:36 05 Jul 2010

An orange should feel just a little squidgy sums it up for me.
Same with most fruits.
I don't think it works with a coconut mind you.

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