Drving a high end car then watch this

  finerty 13:38 12 Sep 2012
  Rooney85 07:32 13 Sep 2012

Thanks for sharing!I realize now bad and good sides have been improved a lot together. Look at this, even technology helps us improve standard of living, it doesn't guarantee our safety at all.

  finerty 12:03 14 Sep 2012

well noted and very true

  JYPX 19:10 14 Sep 2012

Wow. We have a great run of cars (at all levels) which are virtually unstealable. I hope it is not coming to an end. But I have no plans to buy a BMW and certainly not a car where performance is key. What a misery I have become - and I am not that old! Car magazines pointing out stability and roadholding during a fast corner have me cringing. Why would I want to turn into a blind area at speed!

  rdave13 19:20 14 Sep 2012

Another interesting high-end car story, click here.

  finerty 18:05 15 Sep 2012

thanks rdave13 i wonder how many cars are dumped into the river Thames and other rivers in the . I remember one time they found a Jag in the River Thames

  Chegs ®™ 04:40 17 Sep 2012

As a teenager,I was out one night sea-fishing from the pier when a large dark shape floated past on the tide.The following day I visited the harbour to find an Hillman Avenger estate being lifted out the inner docks.Apparently,its owner had been fishing from the other pier that night & on trying to drive home the car refused to start so he'd left it & gone to get assistance to get it started.Someone had decided that it'd be funny to push the car off the pier into the sea(probably a group fishing)

More recently,a plumber was suspected of cheating on his partner so she'd gone into town to find him,found the guys van instead so let off the handbrake & let it roll down the slipway into the marina.It cost her dearly as I seem to recall she was given a custodial sentence as well as having to pay compensation to the Harbour Commissioners/ex-boyfriend/insurance company.

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