Drunk driver's derisory sentence

  rezeeg 20:51 18 Jan 2007

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103 motoring offences.
Caught drunk behind the wheel 9 times.
Convicted of driving while banned 24 times.

Yet X will be out of jail within months.
Magistrates said their hands were tied as the maximum sentence he could be given was just six months in prison.
As all the offences are considered summary, which means they must be tried in magistrates' court and not the crown court, the maximum sentence he could receive is six months.
Because of parole he will only serve half that.
And a 10-year driving ban.....

With his previous record anyone give me odds on him not driving again?

i got a taxi home at 8 on a sunday morning to find my then girlfriend in bed, full of the flu, she had to let her horses out, the stables were 1 mile away, so i jumped in my car, stupid i know, but thats what i did. its all country lanes and 1 main road has to be crossed at a staggered junction, it was here somebody pulled out in front of me and cracked my bumber, when she got out of her car, she was 9 months pregnant and screaming 'im so sorry' well i didnt fancy playing midwife so i called an ambulance, i now know when you call an ambulance from a road traffic accident the police show up. and they did, in a plain car!!
i make no excuses, i really shouldnt have done it, but i got a £500 fine, 2 year ban plus 2 years probation.
my results, right on the limit! morning after a heavy night!
like i say, no excuses

  spuds 23:01 18 Jan 2007

There are very similar people in every city, who constantly break the law regarding motoring offences, yet the law seems totally inadequate to deal with these people.What's the point of keep banning them for driving a vehicle whilst disqualified,twoc, having no insurance etc.

Not far from where I live is a 39 year old male, who first got caught when he was 13 years old. He's racked up numerous offences since then, and only recently he was released from prison for a number of motoring offences. Result, within 14 hours of release, he was caught driving a car. His excuse " I love driving, and nobody is going to stop me". Well known to the police and justice system, plus everyone in the area. Other than chopping his feet and hands off, what can the law do. My thoughts go out to the people who perhaps may well suffer a very serious injury, through this idiot. He's not going to worry.

thats so true, whats the point in banning a persistent offender for twenty years when they have no intention of ever driving within the law anyway, they can do it time after time and give the law the finger! as you say people could be hurt if not killed

  Z1100 23:51 18 Jan 2007

or to be exact, in. As in jail. I would actually vote for a government that promised that.


  spuds 17:08 19 Jan 2007

That's the point, the UK justice system cannot control these people, at the way it stands at present. The guilty party gets constant warnings, disqualification and prison terms. Yet on their release or leaving a court building after further convictions, they still drive.

  Kate B 17:24 19 Jan 2007

Three strikes and you're out is a very flawed system - it means the punishment doesn't fit the crime and it leads to overcrowded prisons. There are, for example, people banged up for life in the US who have been convicted for the third time of something pretty minor - the example I'm specifically thinking of is possession of marijuana - personal quantities, not dealing quantities - and that benefits nobody. It does nothing to curb dealing, it causes a great deal of personal heartbreak and it means prisons have many inmates who in a more rational system would have received a fine.

I can't see that applying it to motorists would be any different. There's so much concern about overcrowded prisons and I bet there would be howls of outrage if magistrates found themselves sending down people who'd been convicted of, say, speeding, a crime that under the present regime would attract just points on your licence or at worst a year's ban.

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