drum solo....

  IClaudio 22:08 30 Nov 2010

... sorry, I know this will launch a torrent of ever more obscure links, but I had to share this!

Here's a video of Joe Morello playing a solo which is so cool as to freeze your monitor. This was back in the '60s when he was playing with my very good friend Dave Brubeck (I've always wanted to say that, don't laugh at me...)

click here

  Forum Editor 22:35 30 Nov 2010

in a suit and tie, without breaking a sweat.

Not my kind of music at all, but musical talent is musical talent, whatever the genre.

  lotvic 22:40 30 Nov 2010

Those drumsticks just became a blur...

  fullyfitted 23:25 30 Nov 2010

Thanks for that.

I don't want to hi-jack your thread but I spotted take 5 on the menu list and all of a sudden I was +40 yrs ago .

As I said thanks for that


  wolfie3000 23:30 30 Nov 2010

This is drum talent, click here

Not a bad singer either :P click here

  lotvic 00:04 01 Dec 2010

Nicko McBrain of iron maiden cites Joe Morello as a major influence :)

  Quickbeam 07:00 01 Dec 2010

But a very subdued audience reaction in those days, if he was on 'Later' now he'd get some excited audience reaction.

  IClaudio 10:35 01 Dec 2010

...that's like calling Everest a Hill!

In this clip, Morello not only keeps the underlying rhythm of the song going all through his solo, but he succeeds in playing the melody too, which should be impossible on an untuned instrument. That is a rare genius!

There are of course, many brilliant drummers with great technique, but Morello is so far beyond mere brilliance.

As for the audience, well, it was filmed in England...

  IClaudio 10:48 01 Dec 2010

Take 5 was such an innovation when it was first released, and still is, for its 5/4 rhythm. It's worth listening to Unsquare Dance too - I've never ever, even after 30-some years, been able to follow the rhythm of the last couple of bars, where two basic rhythms are played together to create a third.

Yes, wolfie, Nicko is... a talent. But not a singer :)

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