Drug Dealer gets his Comeuppance FINALY

  Uboat 09:57 18 Dec 2010

A family we know very well & was brought up with but lost ties in the last ten years have had there severance pay yesterday, This guy was a known dealer for years he was/is a bully and people all over feared him and his men!

what amazes me is that the named man and who's pic you can see on this story was living in his parents farm which they signed over to him was worth WELL over a million pounds? so why deal if you dont need the money?

apparently his solicitor told him yesterday before the court that IF he was to get prison not to expect more than 6 months! How very wrong he was..

The trail lasted over two years and does anyone know if he would have to pay the court costs & what sort of figure would be a realistic one.?

WELL DONE to judge Mettyear justice has been done!

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  spuds 10:50 18 Dec 2010

The final outcome of this, will all depend if the prosecution can make a claim through new laws regarding proceeds of crime, when they might have a right sell property or confiscate items.

  Uboat 10:55 18 Dec 2010

spuds its such a shame because if that happens then it is a disgrace as that farm was passed down for generations and generations!

  spuds 11:14 18 Dec 2010

Uboat, the problem with farms nowadays is that most are no longer a viable enterprise, hence people using them for other forms of activity, mergers or selling to developers.

The police tend to look at old farm buildings and derelict factory buildings more so nowadays, because they have become fully aware that illegal activities might well be taking place from these type of locations.

In this particular case, the family had possibly decided that turning over the property to their son might save some inheritance taxes. If the CPS decide to proceed further, then that move of transfer might become a chalice of death for the farm and the innocent people involved.

  jakimo 14:37 18 Dec 2010

Its a pity that the same judge didn't reside over
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  Monoux 10:56 19 Dec 2010

Is there a problem here -- at 10:55 the listing shows last post to this thread as 19/12/10 @ 10:28 but the thread itself shows 18/12/10 @ 14:37 !!

Threads either side at 10:55 look OK

  Uboat 11:39 19 Dec 2010

FE has deleted some of the comments from myself & another member!

  Bingalau 11:44 19 Dec 2010

Nothing to upset the balance of the thread really, it was my fault for including an e-mail address in my contribution. Carry on ....

  Forum Editor 13:11 19 Dec 2010

Well spotted.

I have deleted some of the comments, but that was because I deleted a letter that was posted in full. There were reasons for that, and I've explained them (via email)to the person who posted it.

Other comments were deleted as they consequently made no sense.

  timsmith259 22:44 19 Dec 2010

drug dealers do more damage to many people regardless they use people lie to people abuse people and they think they have the higher power by use of violence.

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