Driving/Phoning (again)

  Bingalau 17:04 19 Sep 2010

I was on my way up from Southampton to Liverpool by coach on Friday, when I happened to glance in to the driver's cab of a heavy lorry running alongside the coach. The driver was belting along at seventy miles an hour with his mobile phone glued to his ear by one hand. A few minutes later and "Lo and Behold" another one doing exactly the same.
So to pass the time away I started counting drivers on mobile phones and in two hours counted fifteen of them.
It then struck me that if the police wanted to really hit these idiots hard all they would need was a couple of them to sit on a coach going along the motorway and video them at it, for a later court case.
Eventually the idiots might get to know what was happening after a few hundred of them had been taken off the road.
Then again there's probably a law against them doing that I suppose?

  g0nvs 17:15 19 Sep 2010

I've never driven a lorry which will do 70 mph.

HGV = Maxspeed 56 mph.

  MAJ 17:18 19 Sep 2010

"all they would need was a couple of them to sit on a coach going along the motorway and video them at it, for a later court case."

I saw a report recently about the police doing exactly that, Bingalau, only difference was that they used a lorry cab instead of a coach. It's really scary what some lorry drivers (I'm not forgetting car driver's antics by the way) get up to when driving at speed on the motorways.

  MAJ 17:19 19 Sep 2010

Where do you live? They reach 70 MPH regularily.

  Bingalau 17:29 19 Sep 2010

I know coach drivers are supposed to be governed at 70 MPH but I also thought that applied to HGV's. They are certainly travelling well in excess of 56 MPH so maybe they could get them on two counts.
When I am driving my private car I don't go looking through windows at lorry drivers of course. If I am on the motorway and keep the speed reading about 75 MPH I know I am doing about 70 MPH of course as speedo's seem to be set that way. I get a better speed reading from my sat-nav.

  birdface 17:45 19 Sep 2010

[I've never driven a lorry which will do 70 mph.]

I was in the central reservation doing 75MPh in my small van and got the fright of my life when a big HGV lorry started blasting its horn to get by.
56MPH is the limit for HGV's but very few keep to that.

  MAJ 17:57 19 Sep 2010

I've noticed that in England (on motorways), the default speed for lorries is 70 mph and 80 mph for cars, 4x4s do what they like, of course there are exceptions were some stick to the speed limits.

  Bingalau 18:05 19 Sep 2010

I don't think anyone is allowed to drive in the central reservation at that speed. Or are you a genuine White Van Man?

  Bapou 18:19 19 Sep 2010

During the week the Daily Mail published pictures taken by someone on a bridge over a motorway of vehicles being driven in a dangerous manner. Using the phone, elbows on wheel, eating a sarnie and so on.

Later in the week, a picture was published again by the Daily Mail of an unusual 'mushroom' type cloud over Folkestone. This was taken by a driver on the M20, click here

The picture was taken from the nearside lane although the one published in the newspaper was from the centre lane.

At the time, although being impressed with the second pic, I thought, now here's a case of double standards by the Mail. First story is rightly critical of drivers dangerous driving, the second, good pic, not a mention of irresponsible driving.

So, it's not on phoning home, eating a sarnie, but taking photos, now that's OK as far as the Mail is concerned.

The 'cloud' photographer will probably get a cheque in the post, not a summons.

  Bapou 18:21 19 Sep 2010

The above story says a passenger took the pic, I can't recall that being mentioned in the newspaper.

  Pine Man 19:09 19 Sep 2010

All HGV's ( lorries over 7.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight) have to have governers fitted by law to prevent them, physically, from exceeding 56 mph.

There are many lorries that have a gross vehicle weight of just under 7.5 tonnes that can look very large and are not governed.

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