driving while using a mobile phone

  p;3 20:45 10 Feb 2006

having just been watching a program on this topic and the consequences of driving while using a hand-held mobile phone, what are members views on this issue? we do know, don"t we, that there is now a ?? £60 penalty payment and three points on your driving license if caught ; despite the new laws on this, I am still seeing plenty of motorists driving while using their mobile phones; I had a chuckle to myself when I saw a motorcyclist HAVE to stop to talk on his phone; the mobile phone is a good method of EMERGENCY communication I will grant you that,but is it really appropriate ( or necessary) to drive while using one? how did we manage in the days BEFORE the mobile was invented?
used semaphore perhaps or a good yhodle??:)

  ade.h 20:53 10 Feb 2006

Totally inappropriate and seriously dangerous.

I don't think these hands-free earpieces are great deal better either.

Should drivers really be conversing with somone who is not sitting next to them - thus able to be quiet when needed - while in charge of what can be a weapon with a moment's loss of attention?

  stalion 20:54 10 Feb 2006

yes it has been illegal for some time but still they do it.I have not seen one instance where a driver has been pulled up for doing it, so it does not appear to be enforced much at this time.
The company I work for provide a company mobile phone and we have strict instructions not to answer the mobile whilst driving.
Most drivers that do it are either veering to and fro across the lane they are in or travelling at 25 miles an hour

  VoG II 21:00 10 Feb 2006

I've lost count of the number of times I've had to swerve and/or brake violently to avoid these idiots who are on the wrong side of the road or turning in front of my path and so on.

A £60 fine is woefully inadequate.

  p;3 21:01 10 Feb 2006

as someone has pointed out elsewhere ( not on forum), when you get behind the wheel of your car you are then driving a potentially lethal weapon ; are you then prepared to be distracted in your driving and thus risk ...killing someone...and ..for what? the shopping list, "I"ll be home a bit late as I had an unexpected appointment",

I have had drivers up my bumper while they have been on their mobile, completey distracted by an apperently "essential" phone call;

  stalion 21:03 10 Feb 2006

have a read click here

  Jackcoms 21:04 10 Feb 2006

"I am still seeing plenty of motorists driving while using their mobile phones".

No, they're not motorists - they're brain-dead oafs.

It's illegal. End of story.

  SG Atlantis® 21:05 10 Feb 2006

My brother crashed his car and it was a write off, it flipped right over. He was reading and replying to a text message! He wasn't badly hurt and no one else was involved luckily. The phone survived without a mark on it.

  ade.h 21:06 10 Feb 2006

I'd like to see a novel kind of punishment inflicted on the perpetrators; super-glue the damn thing to their forehead. Then see how they like it "hands-free"!

  spuds 21:23 10 Feb 2006

I live within a mile of a very major road, and it can be a dead certainty that someone is going to be racing along and using a mobile anytime within a one/two hour period.Only the other day, a driver of a transit van was observed with a book resting on the steering column and mobile phone beside his ear. It was obvious that he was taking orders or something very similar.

These type of idiots deserve to have the vehicle confiscated and their licenses withdrawn, plus a very hefty fine. Perhaps then people will realise the serious nature of this type of activity.

  SG Atlantis® 21:27 10 Feb 2006

I'd like to see that approach taken.


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