Driving question ; what would you do?

  p;3 01:12 23 Feb 2006

What would YOU do?

A driving issue for you

Double white lines in the middle of the road ; technically, NO overtaking allowed

First scenario;
Road about half a mile long ; clear visibility; no bends ,but some “hidden dips”; one dust cart; “going no-where”;
Vehicles behind me; have seen that the road ahead IS clear , and CAN pass the dustcart in seconds ; BUT the double white lines FORBID it , and the road is rather long to be driven at the pace of a stopping and starting dust cart;

Do I obey the restrictions of the double white lines and stay put. Or do I overtake the virtually stationary dust cart, and break the law?

Second scenario;
One slow moving farm tractor;
Again, double white lines; road ahead going up a hill can be seen as clear ; tractor moving at about 10 mph ; cars behind me;

Do I obey the double white lines and remain behind the tractor, .or ( as it is safe to do so)do I risk it and pass the tractor , thus disobeying the rules of the road ?

(BOTH roads can normally be driven at speeds of about 50 to 60 MPH )

(by the way , no marked Police vehicles were in the senarios)

so; what would YOU do? Would you ( only if safe)overtake and disobey the white lines or stick to waiting behind the vehicles (with cars quewing up behind you ) until the white lines changed, and you can overtake(pass) legally?

??what would YOU do?

  p;3 01:24 23 Feb 2006

to clarify; BOTH white lines are CONTINUOUS; so, technically , I must NOT overtake at all ;;

  Chegs ®™ 04:48 23 Feb 2006

In both cases,the other vehicles are supposed to be travelling at 10mph or less before you could legally pass them,but its only the odd overly zealous PC that would nick you if they were travelling at a slightly higher speed.I got 3 points for passing a tractor from a "new" bobby and on a separate occasion pulled over for a "routine check" and asked why I hadn't passed the tractor earlier.It seems the motorist just can't win! :-)

  octal 07:20 23 Feb 2006

"You may cross the line if necessary to pass a stationary vehicle, or overtake a pedal cycle, horse or road maintenance vehicle, if they are travelling at 10mph or less."

Most pedal cycles are doing more than 10mph, usually 15 - 20mph, with a long stretch of solid white line in a national speed limit area you could be in for a long wait :-)

"give motorcyclists, cyclists and horse riders at least as much room as you would a car when overtaking"
click here

  ened 07:20 23 Feb 2006

"but its only the odd overly zealous PC that would nick you"
That is bound to be the one two cars behind you!!!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:50 23 Feb 2006

In both scenarios you can legally overtake.....next question?


  pc_sausage 09:28 23 Feb 2006

Had defensive driver training the over year (through work) from an ex PC.

Asked the same question to him, also said it was legal.

  pc_sausage 09:28 23 Feb 2006

Doh - "other", not "over"

  p;3 11:21 23 Feb 2006

OK; add another senario to this; driving down a long hill, about 2 miles long; three lanes marked out on a wide road ; there is no sign saying "no overtaking for (say ) 2 miles ";you are in the inside lane and have the double white lines which keep you in your inside lane ; a car in front of you is travelling about 50 mph; road is capable of being driven about 60 MPH; as you go around an outward (bend to the right(in the UK) )curve in the road, you can see for sufficiently long enough that the road ahead is clear of any trafic coming up the long hill; so you can see that, at that point in time, it is safe to overtake ( pass) this vehicle; what would you do in that situation?

  rmcqua 11:28 23 Feb 2006

There does not need to be a "no overtaking" sign for the solid white line rule to apply.
Just because the guy in front of you is doing 50 and you want to do 60 is not a valid reason to overtake and would almost certainly get you "nabbed".

  rmcqua 11:31 23 Feb 2006

I forgot to ask, are these just academic questions or is there some real point behind them?

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