Driving offences which could lead to prison

  exdragon 12:16 14 Dec 2006

There's an article in a paper today which gives examples of driving behaviour which could be reclassified under legal reforms.

Included are such things as using a mobile phone, talking to or looking at a passenger, lighting a cigarette and tuning the radio.

Fair enough, but could someone explain how such actions are to be monitored? How many police cars do you see, driving alongside drivers, peering in to see what they are doing? In fact, how many police cars do you see, full stop.

Don't get me wrong, I'm the first to yell at someone for using a phone whilst steering a huge vehicle round a corner with one hand, with a sandwich stuffed in their mouth, I just wondered how it will work.

  HondaMan 12:27 14 Dec 2006

of todays legislation, it opens up to those who enforce it, a whole wealth of offences from which to choose.

The Great British Public is unaware of the majority of rules and regulations which apply to what they do, and it is therefore extremely smple to be caught, not for one, but a multiplicity of offences at any given moment.

The way this government is going, this country probably already has more(unenforceable)laws than any other.

  namtas 12:49 14 Dec 2006

I would think that most people unless they have lived in a cave in the Outer Hebrides for the last 5 years will know that it is a traffic offence to drive whilst using a hand held mobile phone. And yet thousands ignore the law and do it daily. I would ban all driver for six months. It appears that increasingly we seem to live in a society that many see that the laws or controls do not apply to them.

I would think that a simple stop check when spotted would suffice
all that need to be confirmed is time of incident, the phone record and precise location can be checked easily from logged records of every call made on a mobile and the tel number It is all a matter of whether the authorities wish to enforce it

  Pamy 13:08 14 Dec 2006

exmpdragon, I have not seen this artical, but would think that looking at a TV screen while driving is ellegal, so what about looking at a Sat-Nav screen which is very similar and /or setting it ie touch screen to get other info.

  Kate B 13:41 14 Dec 2006

I see a lot of people yapping into a mobile while driving with one hand. I asked a cab driver not to do it recently and when he gave me an earful, I got out of the cab. I don't care if he kills himself with stupid driving but I do care if he kills me.

  exdragon 13:47 14 Dec 2006

And smokers...root in pocket for new packet, locate the strip to open the box, extract one, replace packet, operate lighter, put fag in mouth, purse lips, squint, tilt head, apply lighter...

Oh - and don't sneeze, you'll close your eyes!!

  facepaint 13:51 14 Dec 2006

What is the current situation with regards to driving while'st holding a mini tubed furnace emitting polonium 210 and hot smoke into the eyes? Not forgetting that all too common burning sensation in the groin area.

  Jackcoms 14:05 14 Dec 2006

I saw this article as well.

How om earth are they going to prevent me from talking to my passenger/s - particularly if I keep my eyes on the road??

I suppose it's one way of ignoring my wife's chatterings - but I actually enjoy talking to my wife and daughters whether I'm driving or not. ;-))

  Pamy 15:18 14 Dec 2006

I think that like most of these things, you will only be held accountable after the event, in other words, when you are in court and the police or whoever claim that you were looking at the passenger or talking to them at the time of the accident

  skeletal 17:48 14 Dec 2006

The “offence” I picked up on was undertaking. Like it or not, this is NORMAL on the M42.

Still, looking on the bright side, if they do imprison you for that, I would guess a few thousand motorists per day will be doing porridge. After a few weeks the roads will be a bit clearer!

But wait, didn’t I read that prisons are full?? Oh, I see, they will let out muggers, murderers, rapists etc. much quicker to make room. That’s OK then, I feel much safer now.


  Totally-braindead 18:13 14 Dec 2006

I too see it all the time, people on mobiles driving one handed and not in proper control of their vehicle etc.
The idea to criminalise it is daft in my opinion, you struggle to get the Police to attend to a serious crime sometimes, I fail to see how they could possibly enforce legislation like this as they cannot cope with the duties they already have.

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