Driving Licence Renewal

  morddwyd 12:36 01 Dec 2013

Although this is really Consumerwatch it really deserves the widest circulation.

I just started to renew my driving licence (70+) on line.

Did "Driving Licence Renewal" on Google and made start.

There was something about the fee payable that made me suspicious, and a bit of checking revealed it was a commercial site, checking and sending in your application for a fee.

All quite legal of course but a bit of a scam in my view.

Went back to Google and tried DVLA.

Clicked on a site "DVLA-Driving Licence Renewal" but didn't think this was kosher either, and so it proved.

So beware. Make sure the DNLA site you go to has the "gov.uk" suffix.

The DVLA site itself has a warning about these sites.

  Forum Editor 12:38 01 Dec 2013

The fee-based sites have been around for a long time. I thought it was general knowledge.

  lotvic 12:43 01 Dec 2013

FE, I didn't know about them...

morddwyd, Thanks for the 'Be Aware'

  T0SH 12:48 01 Dec 2013

The DVLC site online driving licence renewal at age 70 turns out to be a bit of a flop, since when you get to the end of the online part they tell you they will send you a form pre-filled in with the information you have just typed in for you to sign and return to DVLC ,so the best way to proceed is to fill in the first form they sent you sign it and return with a recent photograph this way it takes about 10 days while the online method can take up to 4 weeks

Cheers HC

  fourm member 13:29 01 Dec 2013

It seems, to me, odd that you weren't aware of this scam.

If such a charge had been legitimate there would have been an angry thread here, when it was introduced, about the government exploiting the elderly etc.

  bumpkin 13:49 01 Dec 2013

There are similar misleading sites for passports and other government forms.

  lotvic 14:14 01 Dec 2013

I wasn't aware of these sites as I'm not 70+ yet so haven't gone online to find out how to renew Driving Licence.

I don't see how one can magically be aware of them?

  Forum Editor 14:31 01 Dec 2013

"I don't see how one can magically be aware of them?"

It was in all the newspapers a couple of years ago, and in some of them on several occasions since.

  lotvic 14:38 01 Dec 2013

FE, that explains it then. I don't buy newspapers so completely missed that news item. I'm sure there are lots more things I am unaware of as well.

  Forum Editor 14:41 01 Dec 2013

"I'm sure there are lots more things I am unaware of as well."

Of course there are, we live in an age of information overload - the internet has seen to that - and nobody can hope to keep abreast of everything that gets into the news.

  lotvic 14:46 01 Dec 2013

I said I'm sure

and I agree nobody can hope to keep abreast of everything that gets into the news.

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