Driving Licence

  laurie53 09:59 29 Oct 2007

DVLC have just sent me a reminder that I am due to renew my driving licence.

That can't be right. You don't have to do that 'til you're 70!

Must be some mistake!

  newman35 10:08 29 Oct 2007

Have you asked Matron if you ARE 70?? (:-)

  SB23 10:21 29 Oct 2007

My wife and I, after moving, renewed our address details on our licences, and on the new ones that we recieved, just under the photo is a holographic date. This date, I believe, is the date that it has to be renewed. Whether its just the photo, or the whole thing, I really don't know, but I'm only 40.

  laurie53 10:21 29 Oct 2007


  HondaMan 10:25 29 Oct 2007

that your present licence is restricted, for example if you are diabetic, have fits or anyone of a number of illnesses.

  newman35 10:30 29 Oct 2007

And, then again, it could just be the beloved DVLA performing it's usual impeccable service.
They'll be wanting you to phone their 0870 line to enquire, in order to top up their coffers. Clever!!

  [email protected] 11:40 29 Oct 2007

this is my dvla experience, i havnt drank to 2 years and am ashamed of my past...........

about 1 year ago...
i decided to get a driving license, it was taken from me 5 years previously for a period of 2 years. I knew i would have to have a medical as i was 7 times over the limit at 8 in the morning.
i sent an application off and a month later received a letter telling me i had to pay £130 to see a doctor of their choice, within 1 month.
which i did, and waited...
four weeks later i kept getting letters addressed to andrew (mysirname) and i am adam, i kept sending them back, got curious one day, opened one and it was dvla chasing a car tax avoider, called andrew (mysirname) who lived 'in my area'!
Within 2 weeks i was having 2/3 phone calls a day on 2 ex directory phone numbers and my mobile, all these numbers were on my dvla application.
the people calling me were a debt recovery agency and the dvla had given them full details and authority to pursue me. even though i hadnt had a license for 5 years! After 6 months i called the dvla to enquire why i was getting now 5 calls a day and some illiterate caveman knocking on my door, after i had showed my birth certificate and many occasions and was told again and again this case was closed. and if there was indeed any sign of my driving license which i had paid £210 8 months previously, i was told it was my duty to prove my identity and they were waiting for a reply from my doctor (after i had seen theirs)
so i saw my doctor who showed me proof (he knows me well) that he had posted my details back to them over 4 months ago. i returned home spent 10 minutes queueing only to get through to a gentleman with the same professionalism and attitude of snoop doggy dog who advised me i had to get my doctor to send another copy as they may have 'lost' the original!. at this point i gave the details to my legal man and recieved a license and letter of apology for selling my details wrongly to a debt collection agency and enclosed was my license.
over a year later i still get letters to andrew (mysirname) and have yet to use my driving license.

  beynac 11:49 29 Oct 2007

AFAIK photo card driving licences have to be renewed every ten years.

  laurie53 14:03 29 Oct 2007

Oh Dear! This was meant to be a bit tongue in cheek, as I was born in '38, but I seem to have touched some raw nerves!

  [email protected] 14:11 29 Oct 2007

any excuse to get that off my chest! thanks very much:)

  MrBen CI:-) 17:05 29 Oct 2007

I keep forgetting to keep Photo Licence & Paper counterpart together.

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