Driving like dangerously

  packettracer 16:39 03 Aug 2006

Had the joys the other day of meeting various drivers on the M3 & A303 determind to leave the gene pool and get themselves a darwin award for stupidity on leaving planet earth.

Why do these drivers insist on driving in such a manner at 80, 90 or 100+ if they make a mistake they could be killing others not just themselves

Now i'm not a pipe smoking Sunday driver, but someone in my late 30's who has done many a course on advanced driving. But also in the last 20 years of driving witnessed or been called to see those who have wrapped their cars round lamposts!

Why do people take these risks when one mistake can kill others?

  packettracer 16:41 03 Aug 2006

More info on the darwin awards at click here

  BigRik 17:11 03 Aug 2006

Nice one packettracer. There are many nominees for such an award.

For example, on the way to work about a month ago (on the A14), a biker was in such a hurry to get past me, he undertook me while I was still overtaking a coach! Yep, 80mph+ right in between us.

There are not enough words to describe such morons.

  Al94 17:13 03 Aug 2006

What really gets me are the countless morons who decide at the last second to leave a motorway and cut across from the fast lane to the slip road nearly swiping anyone in their way!

  Forum Editor 17:23 03 Aug 2006

that mentioned speed etc. recently, and perhaps it's time for a rest from that topic.

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